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    Why France Is So Vulnerable to ExtremismThat Marine Le Pen even has a shot to win the presidency speaks to the country’s political transformation
  2. international affairs
    Liberals Should Still Be Worried About FranceMacron won big over a right-wing nationalist in France’s election. That was the easy part.
  3. international affairs
    Centrist Macron Defeats Far-Right Le Pen in French Presidential ElectionThe European political Establishment exhales.
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    On Eve of French Presidential Election, Macron Campaign Claims It Was HackedSome security experts believe the attack came from the same Russia-linked hackers who sought to disrupt the U.S. election.
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    The French Don’t Get the Alt-Right’s MemesEven the country that loves Jerry Lewis doesn’t get the alt-right.
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    The French Presidential Debate Was Shades of Trump-ClintonVicious insults, an overwhelmed moderator, and talk about Hitler.
  7. scandals
    Marine Le Pen Caught Up in Plagiarism ScandalShe’s been accused of lifting language from her former rival François FIllon.
  8. Marine Le Pen Steps Down As National Front LeaderThe far-right leader says she wants to concentrate on her presidential bid, but may be trying to temper her image ahead of the final vote May 7.
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    What Pundits Are Saying About the French ElectionEmmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are headed into a historic race.
  10. international affairs
    French Election Proves Politics As Usual Aren’t Dead YetStill, there’s no question that the voting public across the West is terribly alienated from their governments.
  11. The (American) Idiot’s Guide to the French ElectionA quick primer on France’s tight four-way race between a neo-fascist, a socialist, a Catholic reactionary and a centrist outsider.
  12. Marine Le Pen Got Coffee in Trump Tower TodayThe far-right French presidential candidate didn’t meet with Trump, but she did share a cup of joe with one of his close associates.