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Marine Park

  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Body Found on Brooklyn Beach Identified As 14-Year-Old GirlThe cause of death is still unknown.
  2. neighborhood news
    Mother of Person Shot by Marine Park Vigilante Praises VigilanteHey, nobody’s perfect.
  3. neighborhood news
    Life Imitating Gran TorinoGet off my lawn.
  4. the wrath of mother nature
    Man Survives Lighting Strike in BrooklynYes, last night’s storm really was that bad.
  5. neighborhood watch
    The Long Arm of the Law Even Reaches Into Subway BathroomsGetting all colonial in Union Square, watching crabs rut in Marine Park, letting go of fancy F-train plans in the Slope, and busting the gays in Forest Hills. All that and more in our week’s-end boroughs report.
  6. neighborhood watch
    Scarlett Johansson Will Lay Her Head in Sutton PlaceScarJo buys a Sutton Place postwar, Billyburg and Greenpoint wait for their parks, and guilty liberal Slopies’ rage toward Greenpeace panhandlers finally boils over. That and more in today’s boroughs report.
  7. neighborhood watch
    Fishing in the Gowanus Canal: Yeah, They Do It. What?Astoria: Boy, Pete Hamill’s writer bro Dennis sure loves the park here. Perhaps just a few hundred words more than necessary? [NYDN via Queens Crap] Bushwick: Horny gay gentrifiers, listen up. That hot local papi you just took home may agree to tie you up … but only to steal your Gucci watch. [NYP via BushwickBK] Gowanus: They’re fishing bluefish out of the toxic Gowanus Canal … and eating them! Ew, that’s just naasty! [Gowanus Lounge]