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Mark Halperin

  1. power
    Accused Serial Sexual Harasser Mark Halperin Signs ‘Trump’ Book DealJournalists on Twitter are calling out the Democratic strategists who agreed to be interviewed by him for the book.
  2. Mark Halperin Is a Symptom, Not a Cause, of Brain-dead Beltway Media DiseaseI’m grateful he embodied so many distasteful things about Washington.
  3. media
    John Heilemann and Mark Halperin Ponder Game-Changing Deal With MSNBCThe cable network wants to simulcast the duo’s Bloomberg TV politics show, but will two rival networks be able to reach an agreement that benefits all? 
  4. blog-stained wretches
    Why Politico’s Insane Chevy Chase Claim FloppedA fact-check.
  5. Mark Halperin: Death Panels Are RealAnd they’re spectacular.
  6. the politico-media complex
    Journalists Unhappy About Unauthorized Romney Ad CameoMark Halperin and Bob Schieffer aren’t excited about starring in their own campaign ad.
  7. ink-stained wretches
    White House Was Displeased With Mark Halperin, But Also Forgiving“He’s a decent person and a good journalist.”
  8. ink-stained wretches
    Mark Halperin Suspended After Calling President Obama a ‘Dick’ on Live TVBlame it on MSNBC’s useless producers.
  9. secrets
    Mark Halperin Wins the Race to Ruin O Author’s AnonymityHe figured out it was McCain speechwriter Mark Salter.
  10. early and often
    Does Donald Trump Want to Be Hired … by America?A mysterious phone poll in New Hampshire tests the Donald’s viability as a presidential candidate.
  11. company town
    Fifty Cent’s Baby Mama Will Get Rich or Die Tryin’The battle between 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins rages on, Columbia bulldozes most of the Upper West Side, more big changes at the Murdoch-owned ‘Wall Street Journal,’ and other epic battles, in our daily roundup of news from the law, real-estate, media, and finance sectors.