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    Madoff Daughter-in-Law Shops Book Deal“The emotional story of a strong-minded woman overcoming tragedy and moving ahead with life.”
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    The Madoff Tapes: Bernie on His Son’s SuicideListen to the Ponzi-schemer get choked up about the death of Mark Madoff.
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    Ruth Madoff Turned Away From Son’s Memorial ServiceThe consequences of standing by your man.
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    Bernie Madoff ‘Went Into a Self-Imposed Exile’ After News of His Son’s SuicideSays a recently released inmate.
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    No Funeral Will Be Held for Mark MadoffHe’s set to be cremated.
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    Bernie Madoff Will Not Attend His Son’s FuneralMaybe he just can’t even face his family right now.
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    Ruth Madoff Blames Her Husband; Son’s Suicide Won’t Stop the LawsuitsFamily friends say Ruth Madoff is “totally disgusted with [Bernie] and blames him for her son’s death.”
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    Mark Madoff Hadn’t Spoken to His Parents in Two Years“He often asked people how a father could do this to his sons.”
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    Bernie Madoff’s Son Mark Reported Dead [Updated]His father-in-law found him hanging in his apartment this morning.
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    Mark Madoff Is Having a Tough Time Finding WorkThe son of the world’s largest Ponzi schemer would like a new job in finance. Anyone?
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    Mark Madoff Just Wanted to Be Somebody Else for a DaySomebody who could afford a nice hotel room, for instance.
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    Madoff Relatives Sued for Being Total ImbecilesBernie’s immediate family was “completely derelict” in carrying out their professional duties, says a suit.
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    Trustee Will Get Money Out of Madoff Family by Any Means NecessaryAndrew, Mark, Peter, and Shana Madoff are being sued for a combined $198 million.
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    Things Have Really Gone Pear-Shaped for Mark MadoffLiterally.
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    Bernie Madoff Opens Up About His Feelings in Jailhouse InterviewAmong the revelations: “He cares about Ruth, but he doesn’t give a (expletive) about his two sons, Mark and Andrew.”
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    Trader Who Punched Andrew Madoff Still Having Trouble Letting It GoSince “You taka my money I breaka your face” failed to work, he’s filed suit against him.
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    The Tale of the Madoff SonsMore tidbits from the Fall of the House of Madoff.