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  1. early and often
    The Fallacy Behind No Labels’ Independent Unity TicketMost independents are partisans and can vote in primaries. So why run a ticket that will just hand the presidency to Donald Trump?
  2. the national interest
    The Terrifying Threat That No Labels Will Reelect TrumpWhy is this mysterious group building a political doomsday device?
  3. politics
    Enough With the Tired ’90s Takes on Today’s DemocratsMark Penn and Andrew Stein are advising Biden to turn his back on decades of change within his party and his country. It won’t, and shouldn’t, work.
  4. vision 2020
    Clinton 2020? Say It Ain’t So, Hillary!Only Hillary Clinton can scotch the talk about this right-wing fantasy.
  5. mark penn
    Ex-Clinton Adviser Mark Penn Arrives at His Inevitable Destination: Trump’s GOPLike his political mentor Dick Morris, Penn has traded on his Clinton connection while moving steadily into the Republican orbit.
  6. 2020 election
    No, Hillary Clinton Is Not Going to Be the Democratic Nominee in 2020Mark Penn and Andrew Stein are indulging the new Republican vice of HRC2020 porn.
  7. the national interest
    Why Old Clinton Sleazeball Mark Penn Loves TrumpHillary Clinton’s former campaign manager has become a Trump propagandist.
  8. Roseanne Barr and Mark Penn Stand Up for Poor Persecuted ConservativesApparently, conservatives have to run absolutely everything before they no longer fear to express their love for POTUS.
  9. The Case for Centrism in the Trump Era Is Hilariously WeakA former Clinton adviser argues that Trump beat Democrats on substance, not style — and accidentally exposes the bankruptcy of his worldview.
  10. Mark Penn Mischaracterizes the 1996 Clinton-Gore CampaignAn op-ed co-authored by Clinton strategist Mark Penn tells Democrats to emulate a 1996 strategy the actual candidates did not pursue.
  11. the national interest
    The Democrats’ ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Angel.Like Jimmy Stewart, we have a guardian angel to show us the folly of this choice. His name is Mark Penn.
  12. early and often
    Hillary’s Lingering Campaign Debt Is All Owed to One ManUnsurprisingly, it’s the one guy she’s probably least inclined to pay: Mark Penn.
  13. it happened this week
    Falling DollarsEverything that happened last week, in case you weren’t paying attention.
  14. early and often
    What We Can Learn From the Clinton MemosMuch of the revelations from the memos aren’t exactly new, but some of the details can be fascinating, allowing us to look into the thoughts, nay, the very souls, of Team Clinton.
  15. early and often
    The Bitchiest Moments From the Clinton-Campaign MemosWe collect our favorite lines from the memos revealed by ‘The Atlantic’ yesterday.
  16. ink-stained wretches
    Matt Taibbi to Erica Jong: ‘I Don’t Want to Do My Mother’At the Huffington Post, the novelist and the ‘Rolling Stone’ writer really get into it. And by “it,” we mean trivial nastiness of the rhetorical sort.
  17. early and often
    Mark Penn Hits the Ol’ Dusty Trail. But Will That Help Hillary?If nothing else, it’s a morale boost to Clinton staffers who chafed at Penn’s presence.
  18. gossipmonger
    Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez Hang Out With GirlsChace Crawford and J.C. Chasez hung out with girls and drank Cristal at a Vegas party thrown by Michael Strahan. A bunch of Upper East Side housewives at the premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City hated on the show. Because they were jealous. Among the stipulations in Kimora Lee Simmons’s contract rider is that her glass of Champagne must be filled whenever it gets below one inch. Employees at Philippe may have been watching celebs like Tom Brady and Gisele hook up in the restaurant’s private room via security camera. A party in honor of Baird Jones (open bar, naturally) will be held at Plumm this Friday, with a memorial service to be held at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine Saturday afternoon.
  19. early and often
    Hillary Campaign Starts to StingThe Wall Street Journal today gets to the bottom of an issue everybody is wondering about this week: What the hell is going on inside the Clinton campaign? As Obama pulls into a double-digit lead in a national poll, but the New York senator remains in a strong delegate position, everyone assumes things must be tense. Especially since there was a shake-up in the leadership of the campaign team last week. And, it turns out, everyone is right! Clinton campaign operatives say it happened as top Clinton advisers gathered in Arlington, Va., campaign headquarters to preview a TV commercial. “Your ad doesn’t work,” strategist Mark Penn yelled at ad-maker Mandy Grunwald. “The execution is all wrong,” he said, according to the operatives. “Oh, it’s always the ad, never the message,” Ms. Grunwald fired back, say the operatives. The clash got so heated that political director Guy Cecil left the room, saying, “I’m out of here.” That was awesome. We don’t know Mark Penn personally, but it’s pretty clear he’s a guy who needs a good slap in the balls every now and then. When we heard the Clinton campaign was in “fighting mode,” we had no idea that’s what they meant! Clinton Team Seeks to Calm Turmoil [WSJ]
  20. early and often
    Clinton’s Blackwatergate: If You Thought Whitewatergate Was Bad…Will unsavory connections be the slow death of Hillary Clinton? The Democratic candidate, of course, has run a near-flawless campaign so far, forcing the press to obsess over her body instead of her platform, but the swarm of characters around Camp Hillary is beginning to look like a liability. First there was the twitchy fugitive fund-raiser Norman Hsu. Then one of her donors and Bill’s golfing buddies turned out to be mixed up in a scary cultlike organization. Now comes the word that Mark Penn, Hillary’s longest-serving adviser, also runs Burson-Marsteller, a company doing PR for the mercenaries of Blackwater.