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    Brooklyn Home Prices Hit a Crazy New RecordAbove pre-financial-crisis levels.
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    Stop Saying Brooklyn Is Cheap. It’s Not.The average and median prices for a Brooklyn property have hit all-time highs.
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    Second-Quarter Real Estate: First-Time Buyers Flood the MarketIt remains a seller’s market, though.
  4. Manhattan Real-Estate Market in 2013 Is ‘Insane’Why this will be the “year of the frustrated buyer.”
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    Manhattan Real Estate Market StabilizesOf course it still makes more sense to rent.
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    Manhattan Residential Market Reports: Condo, Co-op, and New-Construction Prices DipAnd apartments are taking longer to sell.
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    New York Real Estate Market Reports: ‘People Feel Like It’s a Good Time to Buy’The city’s brokerages released their second-quarter numbers today.
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    Manhattan Real Estate Market Reports: Closings Up, Prices DownGood news for buyers!
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    Manhattan Real Estate: Sales Recovering and Inventory ShrinkingThat’s good news for the housing market here.
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    Brooklyn and Queens Third-Quarter Market Report: Everything’s Coming Up … OkayThird-quarter real-estate market reports for Brooklyn and Queens indicate housing in the boroughs has not yet hit bottom.
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    Real-estate Market Reports: Closings and Prices Still TumblingBut we may be through the worst part of the storm.
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    Hamptons Real-estate Market Officially in the PlaidThat is, it’s plummeting at a rate even faster than Ludicrous Speed.