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  1. Dow Hits New High, As Trump Eases Wall Street’s Economic AnxietyIt’s starting to seem like what’s good for the stock market might not, necessarily, be good for humanity.
  2. Betting Markets — and Global Markets — Grow Volatile As Trump’s Chances ImproveA surge in rural turnout is making Donald Trump more competitive than pollsters anticipated. Investors and online gamblers are among the antsy.
  3. Investors Seem to Think Hillary Clinton Really Will Take On Big PharmaAs Clinton’s electoral odds rise, the value of health-care stocks goes down.
  4. Janet Yellen: We May Need a New Economic Paradigm to Recover From the CrisisThe fed chair suggests a “high-pressure” policy may be required to restore growth. That’s good news for progressives.
  5. The Stock Market Is Quiet. Too Quiet.The volatility of the stock market is at a two-decade low. Some analysts worry we might be in the calm before the storm.
  6. David Cameron Rules Out Brexit RematchThe outgoing prime minister says there will be no second referendum. The markets are not pleased.
  7. The Rivalry Between Saudi Arabia and Iran Will Keep Your Energy Bill LowAn OPEC deal to freeze production just melted away, and now oil prices are diving.
  8. Oil Just Keeps Getting CheaperThe price of crude is nearing its lowest mark in more than a decade.
  9. Falling Markets Harshing Billionaires’ Mellow at DavosIlluminati winter break spoiled.
  10. Why Is the Market Tanking?A potent combination of the willies, the yips, and valid data indicators.
  11. irrational unexuberance
    Hysteria Booms, Stocks Tumble Amid Economic UncertaintyWall Street has finally realized it doesn’t have the slightest idea what’s going on.
  12. markets
    U.S. Stocks Tumble After Global Sell-offGains made after last week’s tumble have been wiped out.
  13. econogeddon
    Dow Falls on Fears the End Is NighThe Dow fell 112.61 points today.
  14. econogeddon
    Nervous Markets Plunge on Fears of Well, EverythingThe Dow plunges as investors worry about the PIIGS, Korea, and everything else.
  15. econogeddon
    The Markets Are Very Upset This AfternoonConcerns about financial regulation, Europe, and the domestic economy have roiled the markets.