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Martin Bashir

  1. america’s sweeheart
    Sarah Palin Loves the Lamestream Media When It Defends Her HonorAmerica’s Sweetheart responds to Martin Bashir’s resignation.
  2. cable news news
    Martin Bashir Goes the Way of Alec Baldwin at MSNBCThe host resigned over his Sarah Palin comments.
  3. cable news news
    Martin Bashir Possibly Suspended Over Gross Sarah Palin Comment An MSNBC spokesperson insists he’s just still “on vacation.”
  4. cable news news
    Sarah Palin Accepts Martin Bashir’s ApologyAfter accepting Martin Bashir’s apology.
  5. cable news news
    MSNBC Host Sorry for Saying Disgusting Thing About Sarah Palin’s MouthMartin Bashir, not Alec Baldwin!
  6. 21 questions
    Martin Bashir Can’t Stand the Cost of Cat BoardingThe newsman answers our 21 Questions.
  7. media moves
    Martin Bashir Heads to NBCWill keep British accent.
  8. scientology
    Scientology Spokesman Showed Up at ABC Headquarters Demanding Re-CutLittle Mr. Demanding wanted to stop the TV presses.
  9. scientology
    Scientology Spokesman Storms Out of Nightline InterviewMartin Bashir forgets you have to PAY MONEY to learn about Scientology.
  10. intel
    Bashir Blunders While Addressing ‘Asian Babes’The ‘20/20’ journalist offended the crowd at a Asian American Journalists Association with lewd comments about the women in attendance.
  11. gossipmonger
    Amelia Earhart, Kim Jong-Il, and Paris HiltonEleanor Roosevelt had the hots for Amelia Earhart, according to Gore Vidal. Capitol Records CEO Andy Slater is running the company into the ground, according to an anonymous letter from underlings. Shanna Moakler says she didn’t punch Paris Hilton but hates her anyway. Martin Bashir’s daughter threw up, then he anchored Nightline. Roger Ailes thinks Kim Jong-Il’s pants don’t fit. Kathie Lee Gifford will star in Annie, wear orthopedic shoes. Palm Beach thinks Donald Trump’s American flag is too big. Carly Fiorina shares an agent with Cathie Black, does her own hair. The mother of Michael Jackson’s kids got her alimony reinstated. In 1912, Picasso, Chagall, Rivera, Soutine, and Modigliani shared a Paris apartment, which someone wants to make a movie about. Sienna Miller didn’t have her I.D. at a Pittsburgh bar, so she didn’t get served. Greg Kinnear, Jimmy Fallon, or Ed Cavanaugh might star in Young Frankenstein on Broadway. Bill Clinton said he liked Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech that Made Abraham Lincoln President, so Simon & Schuster is printing more. People ate lunch at Michael’s on Tuesday. One of Ted Turner’s bison burgers food-poisoned top Iraq soldier General John Abizaid. Nick Lachey couldn’t wear his hat in Houston’s.