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  1. politics
    We Still Need Martin Luther King Jr.’s Aspirational PatriotismHe challenged Americans to live up to our values, not to boast of our own inherent greatness.
  2. politics
    Georgia Senate Runoffs Head Toward a Dramatic FinishAmid epic spending and strong early voting, the contests that will determine Senate control remain in a dead heat.
  3. georgia senate runoffs
    Doug Collins’s Sacrilegious Attack on Raphael WarnockGeorgia Republicans are engaged in holy war against Christian minister Warnock and his hallowed Atlanta church.
  4. georgia senate runoffs
    The Hypocrisy of Republican Attacks on Raphael Warnock’s SermonsWarnock and the Black preaching tradition he represents are not “unpatriotic.” They draw from the same inspiration as Christian conservatives.
  5. john lewis
    John Lewis’s Lifelong Struggle for Voting Rights Isn’t OverOnce it looked like Obama’s election represented the culmination of John Lewis’s career. A new documentary shows battles for old causes persist.
  6. what’s past is prologue
    What Will It Take to Make Juneteenth a National Holiday?The long struggle for Martin Luther King Jr. Day offers lessons that could ease the path to making Juneteenth a federal holiday.
  7. politics
    Kellyanne Conway: Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Against Trump ImpeachmentIt’s highly unlikely that the reverend, who died fighting for equality, would oppose a Constitutional effort to hold a racist president accountable.
  8. just asking questions
    Two MLK Scholars Discuss Explosive, Disputed FBI Files on the Civil-Rights IconDavid Garrow makes the case that Martin Luther King Jr. may have encouraged a sexual assault. Michael Honey — and many others — are unconvinced.
  9. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: This Is What a Real Conservative Looks LikeAmong the key virtues is restraint — like that Robert Mueller has shown. Another is safeguarding the rule of law — see, Justin Amash.
  10. what’s past is prologue
    How Jimmy Carter’s Election Previewed Trump’sAs Carter becomes the oldest ex-president, it’s useful to remember how strange and unusual his rise to the White House actually was.
  11. Poor People’s Campaign Begins With Protests and ArrestsIn a revival of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy project that brought protestors to Washington in 1968, the protests will continue for 40 days.
  12. Bernie’s Criticisms Don’t Mean Democrats Are in DisarraySanders is and has always been a gadfly. So his criticisms of the Democratic Party don’t mean it’s fatally divided.
  13. The Least Inspiring MLK Tribute of All TimeIf you were moved by Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s flat, hurried quotation from King, you are easily moved.
  14. DI Politics Chat: What Do We Forget About MLK?Four Daily Intelligencer staffers discuss the mission and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., and what gets left out of the public memory of him.
  15. The Dodge Ram Embodies MLK’s Legacy, Says MLK’s EstateIt’s never a good sign when you have to issue a statement defending your Super Bowl ad.
  16. William Barber II and the MLK Legacy of Church-Based ActivismThe North Carolina–based founder of Moral Mondays is a prophetic voice for progressive politics in the MLK mold.
  17. america’s sweetheart
    White Person Demands Obama Stop Playing ‘Race Card,’ Because MLK DayGuess who. (You’re right.)
  18. people who are sorry
    O’Reilly Admits He Was Wrong About Martin Luther King Ceremony As other Republicans dig in.
  19. things that suck
    Martin Luther King’s Family Members Involved in Bus AccidentPassengers were thrown from their seats and two people were hospitalized.
  20. inauguration day
    Twenty-One People Who Think Martin Luther King Jr. Is Rolling in His Grave TodayBecause of … things. 
  21. early and awkward
    Eight Lawmakers Who Voted Against MLK DayMost people know about John McCain. What about Chuck Grassley?
  22. party chat
    Talking Obama vs. Cain at Opening Night of The Mountaintop“It’ll be a fun conundrum for the majority of Americans to have to deal with,” Samuel L. Jackson told us.
  23. discuss amongst yourselves
    Can You Have an ‘Unfavorable’ Opinion of Martin Luther King Jr. and Not Be a Racist?That’s how 4 percent of Americans feel.
  24. photo op
    What Do You Think of the New MLK Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.?It was unveiled today.
  25. osama bin killed
    It’s Facebook’s Fault You Were Misquoting Martin Luther King Jr.Grammar hooligans.
  26. early and often
    Clinton and McCain to Appear Side by Side on MLK PanelThis will be a much-needed photo op for Clinton, who wants to frame the race as being between her and McCain, as the two most distinguished and serious candidates.
  27. early and often
    Today in the Presidential Race: Race!Just as Hillary last week renewed the debate over whether her gender was a factor in the Democratic primary, this weekend she raised the same question over Barack Obama’s race. Her aggressive appearance on Meet the Press largely focused on remarks she had previously made about Barack Obama in comparison to Martin Luther King Jr. She tried to back up her idea (basically, that MLK is not like Obama because MLK worked for decades, and needed the help of elected officials, to get his goals achieved) and also accused the Obama camp of implying that there was a racial controversy buried in her words. Her tortuous explanation (much too convoluted to get into in a blog post), and the resulting interpretations, are still raising hackles this morning. • Black Entertainment Television founder Robert L. Johnson, speaking yesterday, sparked a firestorm of debate after saying: “An African-American, I am frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues since Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood — and I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in the book — when they have been involved.” The Obama campaign reacted angrily, finding a reference to Obama’s admitted childhood drug use in Johnson’s words, an inference Johnson disputes. [The Caucus/NYT]
  28. gossipmonger
    Spitzer Feels Good (Just Like He Knew That He Would, Yeah)Eliot Spitzer’s New Year’s Day inauguration will feature James Brown and Natalie Merchant but not Alan Hevesi. Yes, Beyoncé threw Jay-Z a big birthday party in St. Barts. No, they’re not getting married, at least according to Rush & Molloy. John Kerry threw a dinner party for Democratic donors at his Georgetown home, at which he may or may not have shilled for his party’s 2008 nomination. Paris Hilton may be engaged to “student” Stavros Niarchos. Tinsley Mortimer’s sister-in-law is getting married to the director of Syriana. The reigning Miss Universe, also Miss Puerto Rico, is dating a fellow Puerto Rican. Mandy Moore had dinner with former flame Wilmer Valderrama. The director of scary when-scuba-goes-bad flick Open Water is set to direct another movie about sharks. A lot of people went to go see Annie at Madison Square Garden, and not everyone got in on time. Celebs donate time, company to an auction run by Martin Luther King Jr.’s eldest son. Colin Firth is a picky eater. Lindsay Lohan’s former assistant, now Jessica Biel’s assistant, was the subject of much of Lohan’s vitriol in the rambling e-mail she wrote two days ago. Eddie Murphy and his ex–Spice Girl ex-girlfriend continue to disagree over whether Eddie is the father of her baby, according to “Page Six.” (The News has this Murphy-Spice “exclusive,” too, worded the exact same way.) Britney Spears bought expensive lingerie, Dakota Fanning bought a dog, and Courtney Love is moving to London. Liz Smith claims John Stamos will be on an upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, based on his affinity for tango. Molly Sims got stung by a bee in Hawaii.