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Martin Luther King

  1. vision 2020
    The 48-Year Journey of Joe Biden’s Democratic PartyAt the moment he accepts the nomination, Biden and his party have evolved into a proud force for diversity and progressivism.
  2. martin luther king
    Is a Prophet Like MLK Possible Today?Hearts have hardened, and the opponents of racial justice don’t hear the words of prophets.
  3. The Return of the Poor People’s CampaignFifty years after Martin Luther King Jr. pivoted to fighting poverty and inequality, a new generation of activists seeks to take up his mantle.
  4. What Really Happened When Bernie Sanders Went to MississippiNever mind reports of a swipe at Obama. Sanders found an audience of black voters receptive to his updated critique of class and race disparity.
  5. Who Represents MLK’s Legacy Today?Barack Obama was an heir to King’s political legacy, but it’s clear now that he didn’t occupy the Promised Land of equality, either.
  6. 50 Years After His Death, We Are No Closer to Realizing MLK’s Most Radical DreamMartin Luther King Jr. dreamed of an America that would judge all of its people worthy of guaranteed housing, health care, and employment.
  7. Why This Artist Created an Intricate Portrait of Martin Luther King Out of ShoesShoes have a more complex history than you might think.
  8. gossipmonger
    Olivia Palermo Wants to Be a Serious ActressPlus, Kanye West has a weird new name for himself. In the gossip roundup.