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    Cash Rules Everything Around Martin Shkreli’s Wu-Tang Clan Album Sale(C.R.E.A.M.S.W.T.C.A.S.)
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    This Stanford Professor Has a Theory on Why 2017 Is Filled With JerksAccording to Robert Sutton, the problem of “disrespectful, demeaning, and downright mean-spirited behavior” is “worse than ever.”
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    Martin Shkreli Jailed Over Facebook Post Seeking Hillary Clinton’s HairA judge revoked Shkreli’s bail and called him a “danger to the community.”
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    The Future of College Is Facebook Meme GroupsWhat memes, teens, and the invasion of Martin Shkreli say about the modern college student.
  5. Some Prospective Jurors Were Pretty Biased Against Martin ShkreliHe was called a “snake” and an “evil man” when jury selection began for his securities-fraud trial on Monday.
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    Hundreds of Journalists Are Ensnared in a Martin Shkreli Reply-All ApocalypseYou don’t have to reply all. You don’t.
  7. Martin Shkreli Does His Part to Prevent a Trump PresidencyAmerica’s least favorite hedge-fund hipster endorses the Donald, weaponizing his unpopularity in the fight against fascism.
  8. Martin Shkreli Reportedly About to Face Even More Criminal ChargesHe allegedly did a few more bad things at one of his old companies. 
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    The 10 Most Punchable Faces of Martin ShkreliOne man, ten very, very punchable expressions.
  10. Martin Shkreli Pleads the Fifth in HearingFollowed by a smug tweet.
  11. Martin Shkreli’s Company Memos Confirm He’s a Human Garbage Monster“Nice work, as usual. $1 billion here we come.”
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    Bad Person Martin Shkreli Calls Out Ghostface Killah in Bad VideoGive it a rest, dude.
  13. Company Briefly Run by Martin Shkreli Files for BankruptcyThe struggling company was already in bad shape before the arrested pharma bro took over. 
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    Martin Shkreli’s Lawyer Celebrates Arrest With Family Vacation in CancúnA judge said he could do it — as long as he promises to come back by January 4. 
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    Shkreli Says His Behavior Was Social ExperimentThe recently arrested “pharma bro” talks to The Wall Street Journal, gets hacked, and loses another job.
  16. Shkreli Resigns From Turing PharmaceuticalsHe was released on $5 million bond on Thursday. 
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Martin Shkreli Was Just Arrested The charges are not related to the price-gouging that made him the “most hated man in America.”
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Photos of Arrested Martin ShkreliIn his hoodie.
  19. Shkreli: I Would Have Raised Prices HigherSure, everyone worries about the dying cancer patients. But what about Martin Shkreli’s shareholders?