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Mass Shootings

  1. gun violence
    Congress Can’t Agree on Guns, But They Can Do More to Keep Firearms From AbusersBipartisan efforts to address the mistake that let the Texas shooter buy guns are encouraging, but they only scratch the surface of the problem.
  2. What We Know About Texas Church Shooting Suspect Devin KelleyHe received a bad-conduct discharge for assaulting his wife and a child, which should have prevented him from purchasing a firearm.
  3. Trump: Lax Gun Laws Actually Saved Lives in Texas Church ShootingThe president argues that if America had “extreme vetting” for gun buyers, then “instead of having 26 dead,” you might “have had hundreds more dead.”
  4. race
    Whiteness Doesn’t Cause Mass ShootingsIt’s a compelling-seeming and click-worthy argument, but it’s also a glib and pernicious one that progressives should steer clear of.
  5. awful things
    26 Dead After Mass Shooting at South Texas ChurchAnother 20 people were wounded when a lone gunman opened fire during Sunday services.
  6. las vegas shooting
    Hotel Worker Reported Shooting Before Las Vegas Massacre StartedA shooting victim has filed a lawsuit alleging that the hotel’s response was too slow.
  7. las vegas shooting
    MGM Resorts Disputes New Police Timeline for Las Vegas ShootingPolice said a Mandalay Bay security guard was shot before the massacre, not after, raising questions about the hotel and law enforcement response.
  8. Can Journalists Really Prevent Copycat Mass Shooters?Given how hungry people are for solid information about horrific acts, it’s difficult to come up with practical solutions.
  9. It Doesn’t Matter Why Stephen Craig Paddock Did ItThe United States has decided it isn’t going to address out-of-control gun violence, and no insight about an individual shooter will change that.
  10. Scenes From the Las Vegas ShootingVideo shot by concertgoers on phones depicts the devastating attack at Route 91 Harvest festival firsthand. Warning: Footage may disturb.
  11. las vegas shooting
    Las Vegas Has Been Dreading Mass Violence for a Long Time“We’ve always been a soft target.”
  12. Trump Sticks to Thoughts and Prayers in Speech on Las Vegas ShootingIn remarks on the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, Trump said a lot about God’s mercy, and nothing about ISIS’s (disputed) claim of responsibility.
  13. After Shooting, Democrats Send Thoughts and Prayers to GOP LawmakersWashington is experiencing a rare moment of compassion and civility.
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    Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting Leaves One Dead, 14 InjuredThe gunman is still at large. Terrorism is not suspected.
  15. Fort Lauderdale Shooter Planned to Come to NYC on New Year’s Eve: ReportAuthorities speculate he may have changed his plans because of high security.
  16. awful things
    Video of Fort Lauderdale Airport Attack Emerges, Shooter’s Motive Still UnknownThe gunman, an Iraq War veteran with a history of mental illness and domestic violence, could face the death penalty.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Changes Mind, Wants His Lawyers BackNow he only wants to represent himself for sentencing.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Dylann Roof to Represent Himself in Charleston Church Shooting TrialHe could cross-examine survivors and the victims’ family members.
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    At Least 5 Shot Near Seattle Trump Protest, Gunman Still at LargePolice do not believe the shooting was related to the protests.
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    Houston Shooter Was Wearing a Military Uniform With Nazi EmblemsHe also had two guns, a knife, and more than 2,500 rounds of ammunition.
  21. mass shootings
    5 Dead, Gunman at Large After Shooting at Washington State MallIt’s the seventh mass shooting in the state this year.
  22. roundup
    As Profile of Orlando Shooter Develops, Questions About His Motives RemainWas Omar Mateen an ISIS-inspired terrorist, a self-loathing closet case, a mentally ill mass-murderer, or any or all of the above?
  23. orlando nightclub attack
    Orlando Shooter Texted His Wife During AttackGunman Omar Mateen also posted on Facebook from inside Pulse nightclub.
  24. awful things
    Manhunt on After 8 Family Members Killed in OhioAuthorities believe at least one assailant is still at large, and surviving family members have been offered police protection.
  25. scary things
    Kalamazoo Shooting Suspect Says Uber App Possessed HimUber made him do it.
  26. Kalamazoo Uber Driver Charged With 6 Counts of MurderHis motive is still unknown. 
  27. awful things
    Michigan Uber Driver Kills 6 in Random Shooting SpreeHe may have been taking fares between the shootings.
  28. gun control
    Obama Ready to Use Executive Powers in Final Attempt to Curb Gun ViolenceFed up with congressional inaction, the president will attempt to unilaterally close the “gun-show loophole.”
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    A Dozen Pipe Bombs Found in Home of San Bernardino Shooting SuspectsAt least 14 people were killed in the massacre, which occurred at the male suspect’s workplace.
  30. awful things
    Seven Dead in Drive-by Shooting Near UC Santa BarbaraThe gunman reportedly explained his motives on YouTube.
  31. mass shootings
    6 Shot at FedEx Facility in Georgia [Updated]The shooter is reportedly dead of a self-inflicted gunshot.
  32. newtown massacre
    Adam Lanza Compared Violent Chimp to ‘Teenage Mall Shooter’ in Radio CallSaid 2009 mauling was like “random acts of violence” by humans.
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    Gabby Giffords Marks Shooting Anniversary With Op-Ed, SkydivingFull recovery is still a long way off.
  34. Exclusive Clip from LIRR Massacre DocumentaryThe clip includes interviews with survivors. 
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    A Fifth Santa Monica Shooting Victim Has DiedDetails on the rampage are still scarce.
  36. newtown massacre
    Sources Claim Adam Lanza Was Inspired by Norway MassacreBut police say the story is “all speculation.”
  37. too soon
    Delaware Shooting Witness Immediately Harassed by Twitter Gun NutsNever too soon.
  38. newtown massacre
    Gabby Giffords Plans a Low-Key Visit to NewtownIf anybody can relate to the town’s plight, it’s her.