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  1. election 2020
    CNN Anchor Forced to Endure Terror of Doing Math on Live TVThat little notepad will not save him.
  2. vision 2000
    Yang Gang Lights Up L.A.Yang may not be an entirely viable candidate just yet, but his style is currently getting as much attention as his substance.
  3. Will Justice Kennedy Sink Partisan Gerrymandering — or Save It?In a potential landmark case from Wisconsin, SCOTUS tries to decide if intent to rob minority-party voters of influence can be measured and corrected.
  4. College Student Expertly Calculates the Angle of Her Dab“I pulled out my calculator and borrowed a ruler from my friend.”
  5. These Massive Dice Have 120 SidesConsider this the next time you bet with some shady six-sider.
  6. math
    This Math Formula Shows Why the Comcast—Time Warner Cable Deal Should Be BlockedGood ol’ HHI.
  7. fact-checking idiots
    Donnie Wahlberg Is Good at Math [Updated]2 million times 300 million is … 600 million?
  8. santa claus
    Someone Took the Time to Total Santa’s WorkloadIt’s like a management-consulting interview question, dreamed up by a 5-year-old.
  9. math
    Government Spent Billions to Update the Résumés of Thousands of PeopleThe federal government has allocated $4.3 billion for training programs that a freakishly small amount of people are enrolled in.
  10. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Had Affairs With 121 WomenThe ‘Enquirer’ has done the necessary research to determine this number.
  11. made-off
    Most Madoff Victims Only Lost Pretend MoneyA report from federal prosecutors reveals that half of Bernie’s customers made money from his Ponzi scheme.
  12. the greatest depression
    Wait: Are Taxpayers Really Seeing a Profit From the Bailout?The ‘Times’ says yes, our (admittedly poor) math says no.
  13. school daze
    State Unimpressed by Students’ Math SkillsScores are up? The test must have been too easy.
  14. how do you like them apples
    Wait, What Happened With That Whole Lindsay Lohan Arrest-Warrant Thing?We think the answer is six?
  15. in other news
    New Yorkers Rule the ‘Time’ 100!But we still don’t entirely get the system. Where is Hathaello!?