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  1. post-modern love
    The Birth Control Pill Hasn’t Done Lumberjacks Any FavorsThe pill makes “less-masculine men seem more attractive.”
  2. mating
    Man Surprised to Find ‘High-End’ Dating Service Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be“Amy Laurent International held itself out as an ‘elite, full-service’ dating service specializing in ‘real world, high-end matchmaking,’ but ‘failed to perform even as a standard dating service.’”
  3. corrections
    Correction: Rich Guys Do Not Actually Give Women More OrgasmsIt’s just that rich guys date the kind of women who have more orgasms.
  4. ennui
    Couple Who Made Movie About Their Relationship Bored of Talking About Their RelationshipA pair of twentysomething New Yorkers make a movie about their open relationship.
  5. fetishes
    Facebook a Boon for Couples Who Love to Fight in PublicNow everyone the’’ve ever met can see them fight!
  6. mating
    Breaking: Smart Women No Longer Doomed to Life of SpinsterhoodUnless they are horrible.
  7. mating
    More Men Are Marrying Smarter Women, Except in New YorkA new study disproves a New York myth.