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  1. stop the presses
    Trump Reassures His Loyalists That He’ll Do Better Next TimeAt the New York Young Republican Club gala, there was rapture about the coming restoration — and how terrified that makes the “libs.”
  2. early and often
    One Theory on Why Jim Jordan Kept Going for BrokeIf the 2024 election is good for Republicans, it would be bad for Jordan and his far-right supporters.
  3. early and often
    With Trump Endorsement, Jim Jordan Has a Chance to Win the Speaker’s GavelJordan has two assets in his battle with Steve Scalise: the 45th president and street cred with the hard-liners who took down Kevin McCarthy.
  4. early and often
    Kevin McCarthy Suffers a Historic HumiliationThe House Speaker loses his job thanks to the far-right he appeased in the first place.
  5. the national interest
    Why Democrats Shouldn’t Bail Out Kevin McCarthyLet justice be done, though the Kevins fall.
  6. early and often
    Matt Versus GoliathHow a nuisance became a mortal threat to Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership.
  7. early and often
    GOP Hard-liners Overplayed Their Hand Against McCarthyMatt Gaetz and other GOP rebels left the Speaker with no option but to cut a deal with Democrats to avoid a shutdown. But the chaos is far from over.
  8. early and often
    Kevin McCarthy Traded One Crisis For AnotherThe Speaker will now face a “motion to vacate” by Florida congressman Matt Gaetz and his hard-right allies in the House.
  9. government shutdown
    The Shutdown Is About the GOP’s Dysfunctional Family DramaIt may seem like it’s “about nothing,” but House Republicans’ unhinged, destructive feuding is more Yellowstone than Seinfeld.
  10. early and often
    Democrats Set High Price for Helping McCarthy Avoid a ShutdownMcCarthy may need Democrat votes to avert a shutdown and save his Speakership. But getting them will mean abandoning the Biden impeachment inquiry.
  11. politics
    Republicans Left a Motion to Remove McCarthy in a House BathroomA mistake at the changing table or an unusual way to leak information?
  12. early and often
    It’s Payback Time for the House Far RightAccused of betrayal over the debt-ceiling deal, Kevin McCarthy is losing power to a group of rebels who show no sign of giving up.
  13. stop the presses
    George Santos, MAGA ‘It’ GirlVish Burra, the congressman’s “director of operations,” met me on Staten Island to explain the plan to make Santos … president?
  14. politics
    Matt Gaetz Didn’t Need That Presidential Pardon After AllThe DOJ is dropping its sex-trafficking investigation into the pugilistic congressman.
  15. the economy
    America’s Labor Shortages Are Good, ActuallyThe upside of longer lines and faltering customer service.
  16. early and often
    Matt Gaetz Probably Won’t Get Charged in Sex-Trafficking ProbeFederal prosecutors reportedly recommended not to charge Gaetz because of unreliable witnesses they would need to rely on to make their case.
  17. early and often
    Why Are Conservative Men So Scared of Cat Ladies?Matt Gaetz and J.D. Vance appear to feel threatened by single female cat owners. They’re not the first.
  18. politics
    Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Speak for the GOP on January 6Establishment Republicans stay away, leaving the MAGA fringe to play.
  19. florida
    Prosecutors Say Matt Gaetz’s Father Was an Extortion Victim After AllTwo things appear to be true in this mess: Gaetz’s father was allegedly shaken down for millions and Gaetz is still facing a sex-trafficking inquiry.
  20. marjorie taylor greene
    Why Is Marjorie Taylor Greene Headed to the Cradle of Presidential Campaigns?Does the conspiracist Georgia congresswoman see herself running for president? It’s unclear what else she could be doing at the Iowa State Fair.
  21. gop
    Matt Gaetz Distracts From Sex-Trafficking Probe With False Election Fraud ClaimsAs the inquiry into an alleged act of sex trafficking develops, Gaetz is spreading falsehoods about the election with Marjorie Taylor Greene.
  22. joel greenberg
    Matt Gaetz Associate Pleads Guilty to Sex-Trafficking ChargeJoel Greenberg copped to six federal charges and vowed to cooperate with investigators. But that doesn’t mean his “wingman” in Congress is cooked.
  23. maga
    Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Hit Road to Needlessly Rally MAGA BaseThe bad boy and bad girl of right-wing extremism are pairing up for a series of rallies to keep the movement humming pending Trump’s vengeful return.
  24. florida
    Matt Gaetz’s Wingman Is Cooperating With the Feds: ReportJoel Greenberg reportedly told DOJ investigators that he and the Florida congressman gave women cash and gifts in exchange for sex.
  25. politics
    Matt Gaetz (R–TV)Scandals haven’t sunk the congressman yet, maybe because he’s more of a media figure than a politician.
  26. florida
    Matt Gaetz’s ‘Wingman’ Plans to Strike a Plea DealThe attorney of Gaetz’s associate Joel Greenberg told reporters he is “sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today.”
  27. gop
    Matt Gaetz Sought a Preemptive Pardon From Trump: ReportA blanket pardon would have been a nice security blanket for the representative under investigation for an alleged act of sex trafficking.
  28. gop
    Matt Gaetz’s Colleagues Drop the Dirt on HimLawmakers describe Gaetz’s alleged drug use and incidents in which he showed nude photos of women he slept with to colleagues on the House floor.
  29. gop
    DOJ Investigation Focusing on Matt Gaetz’s Alleged Payments for Sex: ReportA new report states that Gaetz paid escorts for sex, taking ecstasy before doing so on at least one occasion.
  30. politics
    Matt Gaetz Gets a Scandal As Wild As HimA sex-trafficking investigation meets an extortion plot involving his father (wearing a wire), $25 million in cash, and an American hostage in Iran.
  31. gop
    Matt Gaetz Under Investigation for Possible Relationship With a Minor: ReportDOJ looking into whether loudmouth Republican paid a teen girl to travel across state lines for sex, which would violate federal trafficking laws.
  32. capitol riot
    Impeachment Could Ban Trump From Running in 2024It’s too late for Congress to remove Trump before Inauguration Day. But a post-presidential impeachment and conviction could prevent a Trump comeback.
  33. drug wars
    House Votes to Decriminalize WeedIt was a symbolic vote mostly support by Democrats, but there’s no question the momentum is in favor of legal cannabis in Congress and in the states.
  34. the revolution
    The GOP Thinks Marxists Are Taking Over. If Only That Were True.We’re far from achieving the socialist utopia Republicans are warning about at their convention.
  35. republicans
    House Freedom Caucus Members Go After Liz Cheney for Defending FauciIt’s a sign of the times that hard-core conservative Cheney is under attack for insufficient loyalty to Trump.
  36. ted cruz
    Ted Cruz Challenges 70-Year-Old Actor to Wrestling Match (Against Someone Else)On the list of Ted Cruz’s embarrassing public moments, this one ranks near the top.
  37. coronavirus
    Self-Quarantining Republican Shook Trump’s Hand After Coronavirus ExposureAfter posing with a CPAC attendee, Doug Collins shook the president’s hand — while Matt Gaetz, also under self-quarantine, rode on Air Force One.
  38. immigration
    New Migrant Caravan Too Far From U.S. Election to Be an EmergencyIt’s like the caravan of Fall 2018, but without the same immediate electoral stakes for Republicans.
  39. iran
    House Votes To Order Trump To End Unauthorized Military Actions Against IranIt’s a non-binding resolution passed on a near-party-line vote, but does reflect some congressional pushback against the imperial presidency.
  40. impeachment
    Trump’s Buddy in Congress Wants to Impeach ObamaIt’s theoretically possible, albeit insane.
  41. racism
    Steve King’s Political Prospects May Be Fading, but His Party’s Racism Is NotKing is one of his party’s most flagrant bigots — but not by much.
  42. iran
    House Votes to Require Congressional Approval for War With IranA good number of Republicans, including Trump fans, want to avoid war with Iran and give peace a chance – but the defense bill is far from resolved.
  43. politics
    Watch Trump Acolyte Matt Gaetz’s Bizarre Attempt to Discredit Witness John DeanThe Florida rep tried to belittle Nixon’s White House counsel, but judging from the polite laughter in the committee, it may have backfired.
  44. alabama senate
    Very Trumpy Florida Congressman May Move to Alabama to Run Against Doug JonesDoes Alabama really need to import wild-ass Trump loyalists?
  45. michael cohen
    GOP Congressman Threatens Michael Cohen on Twitter, Then ApologizesAfter Matt Gaetz’s tweet about Cohen’s extramarital affairs sparked talk of witness tampering, he deleted it and claimed it wasn’t meant as a threat.
  46. 18 House Republicans Nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace PrizeWill a Peace Prize really be awarded to Trump because of his militaristic bluster, before any peace has even been won?