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Matthew Settle

  1. the most important people in the world
    So Who Is Matthew Settle’s Girlfriend?You know, the one who ditched him the night of our own steamy date?
  2. party chat
    Buy Matthew Settle a Drink, and He’s Yours for the NightDon’t tell the ‘Gossip Girl’ star’s girlfriend, but we had one romantic evening with him.
  3. gossipmonger
    Megan Fox Has Been Doing It on PurposeThis whole time!
  4. gossipmonger
    Lady Gaga Too Traumatized to Perform in ColorShe’s so sad about Alexander McQueen’s death, she will only wear black onstage in London.
  5. sex on skates
    Levi Johnston and Matthew Settle, Full-Frontal FathersWait, don’t all good things happen in threes?
  6. Matthew Settle Skateboards in TrafficKelly Killoren Bensimon would be so proud.
  7. the greatest show of our time
    Gossip Girl Plot Non-Spoiler!Photographic evidence of an unsurprising family reunion!
  8. party lines
    Cruise, Demi, and Portman at the WHCA DinnerVal Kilmer’s not really running for governor of New Mexico, Christopher Hitches said a kind of iffy thing about Wanda Sykes, and Elizabeth Banks is allergic to French pollen. And more dish from Washington’s prom on Saturday night.
  9. the greatest show of our time
    ‘Gossip Girl’ Goes Fancy in BrooklynA tipster spotted the cast of the Greatest Show of Our Time readying for the infamous Snowflake Ball, which will take place … in BK?
  10. party chat
    Matthew Settle and the Masturbating MummyRufus tells us a story about his life before ‘Gossip Girl.’
  11. gossipmonger
    Oh, Peter Cook. The Teen Sex Tape? Really?Poor ‘Page Six’ had to look at gross hard-core pictures of Christie Brinkley’s ex with his teenage girlfriend.
  12. party lines
    Happy Birthday, Blake Lively!How are the other kids at Constance Billard and St. Jude’s celebrating Serena’s big day?
  13. party lines
    Video: The ‘Gossip Girl’ Season-Premiere Party — Plus, Blake Lively Gets Food in Her Teeth!We take a camera inside the ‘Gossip Girl’ party this weekend in the Hamptons, and observe as Blake Lively’s magnificent chompers delay the entire cast from entering the event.
  14. in other news
    Matthew Settle Will Be Your Father Figure’Gossip Girl’ dad thinks his onscreen kid’s romance is “hot.”
  15. company town
    Buyouts Not Enough? ‘Times’ Newsroom Braces for ClearanceAlso, the rest of today’s media, finance, law and real-estate news.