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  1. white men with money
    Bear Stearns Fund Managers Impressed Jurors With Their Work Ethic“If this was really a fraud case, they wouldn’t have worked that hard.”
  2. white men with money
    Jurors in Bear Stearns Trial Could Not Seem Less Excited About Reaching a VerdictThey’re raising questions about venue and have all sorts of outlandish requests.
  3. white men with money
    Day Two in the Bear Stearns Trial: ‘Worrying Is Not a Crime’A lawyer for one of the Bear Stearns fund managers accused of misrepresenting the health of an ailing hedge fund seconds her client’s emotions.
  4. the greatest depression
    Senate to Probe Goldman, DeutscheThey’re looking for e-mail records about mortgage-backed securities.
  5. company town
    Indicted Bear Stearns Hedge-Fund Manager’s Business Card Raking In Cash on eBayMatthew Tannin’s old business card is getting bid up, even as everything else Wall Street seems to be going down. All that and more in our daily roundup of finance, real-estate, media, and law news.
  6. company town
    ‘Martha Wanted to Wash and Blow-dry the Chickens’Martha disrupts plans to make her seem like less of a perfectionist, Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy Cayne may face arrest (he’d better hide his stash!), and the FBI is slapping anyone who’s ever said the word “mortgage” with criminal charges, in our daily roundup of media, finance, real-estate and law news.
  7. it just happened
    Bear Stearns Managers ArrestedMatthew Tannin and Ralph Cioffi, former hedge-fund managers at the former Bear Stearns, were taken into custody this morning for telling investors everything was fine with their funds, while privately admitting they were “toast.”
  8. company town
    Wall Street’s Week of ReckoningAIG’s Martin Sullivan is out, and everyone else is waiting for the ax to fall. Plus! Former ‘NYT’ editor Howell Raines picks on Poynter blogger Jim Romenesko, a Central Park West penthouse goes on the market for $80 million, and more, all in our daily roundup of finance, media, real-estate and law news.