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  1. mavericks
    McCain Didn’t Really Vote for a Bill He Attacked. His ‘Yes’ Was Still Bizarre.Technically, the vote wasn’t about the legislation itself — but it was about advancing the irregular Senate process he so passionately decried.
  2. mavericks
    John McCain Okay With Hillary Clinton Being on His LawnJohn McCain praises Clinton as a “rock star.”
  3. mavericks
    McCain Proposal Could Lead to Big Stripper TipsThis would be one side effect of eliminating the $1 bill. 
  4. mavericks
    John McCain Briefly Endorses President Obama“With the leadership and the backing of the American people, President Obama will turn this country around.”
  5. mavericks
    Time for John McCain to Retire … This JokePaid staffers and blood relatives.
  6. mavericks
    John McCain Estimates That Regulations Kill ‘Billions and Billions of Jobs’That seems off.
  7. mavericks
    As Bad As Things Are, Americans Still Glad They Didn’t Pick John McCainThat’s gotta sting a bit.
  8. mavericks
    Pilot Who Landed Plane in Queens Got the Idea From Reality TVOr so he said after a series of nutty excuses.
  9. mavericks
    John McCain Surprisingly Not an Expert on TechnologyHe didn’t know iPads and iPhones are made in China.
  10. mavericks
    John McCain Is Now the Least Mavericky Republican in the SenateHe has the chamber’s most conservative voting record.
  11. mavericks
    GOP Wants to Know If There’s Any Interest in John McCain for President in 2012He will only be 76 years old.
  12. mavericks
    John McCain Injects Much-Needed Crotchetiness Into Immigration DebateDang you, Washington!
  13. mavericks
    Some Rich People Get to Live in Rent-Stabilized ApartmentsNot rich-rich people. Just compared-to-the-rest-of-the country-rich.
  14. mavericks
    John McCain’s Latest Mavericky Move: Claiming He Never Considered Himself a MaverickThis is, obviously, something the Internet is more than willing to disprove.
  15. mavericks
    Maverick Park Slope Moms Refuse to React to Stroller RecallThey’d rather risk their kids’ fingers being chopped off than order a stupid little hinge cover, for some reason.
  16. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin’s Latest Mavericky Move Isn’t That MaverickyWhat’s mavericky about protecting your own political future?
  17. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin’s Prediction of Bleak Health-Care Dystopia Widely MockedBut what if her claims of Obama’s “death panels” are true?
  18. america’s sweetheart
    Palin Leaves No Bogeymen Unmentioned in Resignation SpeechWatch out for those America-hating straw men, Alaska.
  19. rampant speculation
    Is Sarah Palin’s Secret to Success a Book on Success?We have reason to believe Sarah Palin may be reading ‘Knowledge in a Nutshell on Success.’
  20. mavericks
    Sarah Palin Tries to Clear Up the ConfusionIn numerous TV interviews this morning, Palin laid out her explanation as clearly as possible. But it still doesn’t completely make sense.
  21. what other people think
    Is Sarah Palin’s Political Career Toast?The political punditry weigh in on Palin’s shocking resignation.
  22. mavericks
    Man Sues Tuna Fish for Having BonesTuna was ruined for him forever, and someone must pay.
  23. mavericks
    Meghan McCain Just As Surprised by Her Notoriety As Everyone ElseAfter months of striving for attention, McCain doesn’t altogether like it.
  24. mavericks
    Has John McCain Purged Sarah Palin From His Memory?Or does he just despise her?
  25. mavericks
    The McCain Stephanopoulos Twitterview: What We LearnedLessons from the biggest Twitterview of all time.
  26. mavericks
    John McCain Now on Cutting Edge of Unnecessary Technological InnovationsHe and George Stephanopolous will participate in their first-ever “Twitterview.”
  27. mavericks
    John McCain Is Personally Using TwitterPigs fly, hell freezes.