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Mayor De Blasio

  1. new york beginnings
    Not That Long Ago, New York Really Was Governed From a Smoke-filled BackroomAs late as 1989, an undemocratic entity called the Board of Estimate made the city’s key decisions. When it was banned, a new political era was born.
  2. city politic
    Bill de Blasio Is a Big Winner and a Lame DuckThe mayor showed up his critics with an overwhelming reelection win. Now what?
  3. Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo Say Trump Hasn’t Bothered to CallHe did send some tweets though.
  4. New York City Will Close Rikers Island, Mayor de Blasio SaysThe plan is to replace the jail with several smaller facilities spread around the city.
  5. HRC for NYC? Almost Certainly Not, But MaybeThe rumors appeared in two NYC dailies on Friday.
  6. Right-Wing Site Dangles Possibility that Hillary Clinton Might Run for NYC MayorOne gets the sense that the haters miss her already.
  7. The City Hasn’t Finished Repairs on 40 Percent of Sandy-Damaged HomesMayor de Blasio previously promised to complete the job by 2017.
  8. Mayor Orders the Reopening of 56th Street Outside Trump TowerLocal business owners complained of falling revenues.
  9. Mayor de Blasio Flew to Queens in a HelicopterThe local political press wants to know why.
  10. State Ethics Panel Has Reportedly Subpoenaed City HallQuestions over whether the mayor’s controversial nonprofit violated lobbying laws in 2015.
  11. New York’s First Lady Reviews Eclipsed on BroadwayA night at the theater with Mayor de Blasio and Chirlane McCray thinking about Donald Trump.
  12. disruptions
    Yellow Cabs Sue Taxi Commission, Take Uber Fight to Federal CourtFor the “deliberate evisceration” of the taxi industry. 
  13. what would jane jacobs say?
    Will de Blasio’s Affordable Housing Plan Work?Some neighborhoods would get crappier without getting cheaper. But most of it is worth trying.
  14. law and order
    De Blasio Versus the Judges in Howard Case“I would suggest that the mayor look into a mirror.”
  15. times square
    Bratton Admits Defeat; Times Square Pedestrian Plazas to StaySorry, cars.
  16. de mayor
    Mayor de Blasio Thinks the Press Went Easy on Mayor BloombergHe’s not having a difficult second year — that’s just how it’s being reported.
  17. A Year After Garner’s Death, de Blasio Attempts a Balancing ActBlack lives matter. Blue lives matter.
  18. city politic
    When Mayors Attack: Why de Blasio Went After Governor CuomoWas it time to stop accepting punishment and start treating his tormentor like a schoolyard bully?
  19. the city politic
    De Blasio and Bratton’s Critical RelationshipThe tragedy in Bed-Stuy highlighted the high-wire act that came to define de Blasio’s first year in City Hall.
  20. nypd shooting
    Bill Bratton: ‘Some’ in NYPD Have Lost Confidence in Mayor de BlasioBut the commissioner still stands with him.
  21. early and awkard
    The Bill de Blasio–Chirlane McCray Quote QuizBoth the mayor and the first lady gave speeches today. Who said what?
  22. early and awkward
    Mayor de Blasio on His First (Nearly) 100 Days in OfficeHow about that pre-K deal? And what was it like getting booed by Mets fans?
  23. de blasio’s new york
    Mayor De Blasio Doubles Down on Taxing the RichHis first State of the City made it clear that remained his overriding goal.
  24. city politic
    De Blasio and Cuomo Want You to Know That They Actually Totally Love Each OtherTension? What tension?
  25. city politic
    De Blasio vs. Cuomo: The Next RoundThe mayor is headed to Albany, and the tussle over new taxes on the rich will be front and center.
  26. street fight
    Mayor De Blasio and the Pedestrian Body CountJust as he’s judged by the murder rate.