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Mayor Michael Bloomberg

  1. President Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg to Speak at Ed Koch’s FuneralPlus the grand musical finale: “New York, New York.”
  2. groundhog day
    Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck Agree Spring’s Coming Early This YearHuzzah!
  3. newtown massacre
    Newtown Massacre Prompts Lawmakers to Pledge to Actually Address Gun Control Could it really happen this time?
  4. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Had a Trying Day in WashingtonHe toured Capitol Hill to ask for disaster aid.
  5. fracking
    No Mention of the NYC Watershed in Mayor Bloomberg’s Pro-Fracking Op-Ed“We can frack safely if we frack sensibly. That may not make for a great bumper sticker.”
  6. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Pushes for Immigrant-Friendly ReformsSince the mayor’s gun-control efforts were such a success.
  7. chicken and morality
    Christine Quinn Is Totally Fine With Banning Chik-fil-A in New York CityShe’s started a petition.
  8. twitter parodies
    Categorizing the Twitter Movie-Title Parodies of Bloomberg’s Soda BanOur favorite: No Virginia, There Is No Fanta Claus.
  9. new york’s taxi wars
    City’s New Five-Borough Cabs Stall in Court [Updated]City was planning to issue first permits within days.
  10. real estate envy
    Mayor Bloomberg Bought Two 30-Plus-Acre Estates Near the City Last YearOne in Westchester, the other in Southampton.
  11. the cameo mayor
    Mayor Bloomberg Honored at Last Night’s New York Emmys“Which of my performances in the past year did you all love the most?”
  12. cover-ups
    City Hall Sitting on Potentially Explosive ‘911 CPR’ ReportPost: so “damning” a top NYPD official’s already been reassigned.
  13. NYPD Pretty Sloppy With List of Syrian Muslim Shops ‘of Concern’Quite a few were neither Syrian- nor Muslim-owned.
  14. New York City’s Recovery Ever So Slightly Stronger Than PredictedOr is it? Jobs may be up, but so is the unemployment rate.
  15. Former Deputy Mayor Innocent of Domestic AbuseStephen Goldsmith had resigned last summer.
  16. Occupy Wall Street Making a Racket Outside Mayor Bloomberg’s House#OccupyMikesPad
  17. school daze
    Teachers March on Wall Street to Protest Bloomberg Cuts“I never expected to come home to see New York act like Wisconsin.”
  18. school daze
    Bloomberg to Cut Almost 5,000 TeachersThis isn’t going to go over well.
  19. facebook
    Bloomberg Goes to Mark Zuckerberg to Figure Out This Whole Facebook ThingMaybe they “poked” each other?