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  1. good headlines
    Apparently the U.S. Embassy Closures Are ‘Crazy Pants’So says McClatchy in a headline.
  2. drone wars
    CIA’s Inexact Drone Targeting Pretty Well-Established at This PointBut NBC does so again.
  3. media deathwatch
    McClatchy Takes Another HitThe latest in media metamorphoses.
  4. media deathwatch
    Jossip ‘on Pause,’ Barbara Walters Awkwardly TwitteringToday’s media news.
  5. media deathwatch
    Genre Magazine Ceases PublicationThat’s not the only tough news for the media today.
  6. media deathwatch
    Marty Peretz Pulls New Republic Back From the BrinkA newspaper conglomerate lays off an unbearable amount of people, a weekly folds, and a morning-radio shows sputters into silence. But hark, there’s also some good in our daily roundup of media news!
  7. media deathwatch
    What If You Paid the Media Back to Life?That’s today’s new (old) idea!
  8. media deathwatch
    The Media Misses CaviarDon’t we all.
  9. media deathwatch
    Local Political Reporting Takes a Blow, As Does NewsweekNow people are just saying mean things.
  10. media deathwatch
    Newspapers Kick Off the Week With Mortgages, Self-AnalysisIt’s going to be one of those weeks. Er, another one of those weeks.