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Mea Culpas

  1. mea culpas
    Ferguson Police Chief Offers Awkward Apology“For any mistakes I have made, I take full responsibility.”
  2. mea culpas
    Nate Silver Apologizes for Ferguson Arrest Story“My anecdote was so minor as compared to Ferguson that last night wasn’t the right time for me to share.”
  3. mea culpas
    Paula Deen Still Wondering Why Black People Can Say the N-WordShe talked to Matt Lauer about it.
  4. mea culpas
    Ben Carson Apologizes to Johns Hopkins CommunityHe was also admonished by the dean of the medical faculty.
  5. mea culpas
    Dov Hikind Apologizes for Not Apologizing for Blackface CostumeIt’s a “heartfelt and sincere” apology.
  6. possible gay bashing
    Yunel Escobar Has Many Stereotypically Gay Friends“My home decorator is gay, my hair stylist is gay.”
  7. mea culpas
    President Obama Is Really Sorry About Insulting WhatshisfaceJack Ryan? Paul Bunyan?
  8. mea culpas
    State Assembly Admits Secret Payment Over Sexual Harassment Was ShadyBrooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez’s scandal is now everyone’s scandal.
  9. early and awkward
    Todd Akin Is Still ApologizingThis time in a new TV ad.
  10. cable news news
    CNN Plays Pink’s ‘Stupid Girl’ for Palin Segment“We regret any perception that they were planned together.”
  11. mea culpas
    Jason Kidd Is Sorry; Thanks Police, Family, FriendsFrom the looks of his car, he should probably thank God too.
  12. the internet
    Important People Are Still Keeping Blackface Photos on Public Facebook AccountsBrooklyn A.D.A. Justin Marrus is very sorry.
  13. mea culpas
    Facebook Is Not Quite Sorry for Changing Your E-mail AddressWith “hindsight,” the company said it could’ve communicated better with users.
  14. mea culpas
    Bill Clinton Is ‘Very Sorry,’ Very UninformedHe apologized on CNN today for saying things he wasn’t supposed to say.
  15. mea culpas
    ESPN Writer Fired Over Jeremy Lin Headline Still Repenting PubliclyAnthony Federico wants everyone to know he’s a good person at heart.
  16. mea culpas
    Asian Actress Apologizes for Campaign Ad“It was absolutely a mistake on my part.”
  17. never forget
    Tricky Journalist Forced Mark Wahlberg to Say That Thing About 9/11Of course!
  18. how tweet it is
    Sam Brownback Apologizes Over Twitter FlapHe’s sorry.
  19. mea culpas
    In Retrospect, Hank Williams Jr. Wishes He Didn’t Make That Hitler CommentHe’s just so passionate, is all.
  20. early and often
    My Bad: 30 Years of Presidential Mea CulpasA look back at recent presidents’ first mea culpas.