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  1. health
    Measles for the One PercentVaccines, Waldorf schools, and the problem with liberal Luddites.
  2. measles
    President Trump Might Not Be an Anti-Vaxxer AnymoreHey, it’s something!
  3. anti-vaxxers
    Measles Case Reported at California School With Record-Low Vaccination RateLess than half of the school’s kindergarteners are vaccinated.
  4. public health
    For the First Time in 12 Years, Measles Has Killed an AmericanAfter last year’s record number of infections, the newly reported death illustrates how the anti-vaccination movement puts those with weak immune systems at risk.
  5. health
    What Anti-Vaccinators Are Saying Online About the Disneyland Measles Outbreak From blaming the media and the medical industry to expressing frustration and concern.
  6. diseases
    A College Kid With Measles Traveled Through New York Last WeekHe was diagnosed after taking the Amtrak from Penn Station to Bard College.
  7. diseases
    Another Person in New York Has Measles That makes 26 cases of the virus.
  8. scary things
    New York’s Measles Have Spread DowntownThere are now 25 confirmed cases.