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  1. Sad Time Inc. Spreadsheet Measures How Valuable Reporters Are to AdvertisersWhatever happened to the good old editorial-business boundaries?
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    Layoffs Hit Rupert Murdoch’s The DailyThe iPad newspaper is firing 50 of its 170 employees.
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    Spin Magazine Sold to Online Media CompanyIts future in print is uncertain.
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    Lisa Vanderpump Continues Campaign to Take Over WorldShe’s got a gig with HLN now.
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    The Washington Times Is for SaleAnyone want to buy a conservative newspaper?
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    Washington Times Lays Off Nearly Half Its StaffThe Sports and Metro sections are dead.
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    National Geographic Adventure ClosesIt’ll continue on as a website, the company says, but they’ve already gone and laid off the entire staff.
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    Washington Times to Cut at Least 40 Percent of StaffThe paper will also be distributed free in some areas.
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    Time Inc. to Close In Style WeddingsAnd a decadelong curse comes to an end.
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    Budget Travel Shuttering? [Updated]We hear that the discount vacation title is closing up shop.
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    Hachette Shutters Metropolitan HomeThe magazine joins the other shelter titles felled by the recession.
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    Time Inc. to Lay Off Roughly 540The company aims to reduce costs by $100 million.
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    Layoffs at Forbes“We — and the entire media world — have been hit hard by both the severe recession and the seismic shifts wrought by the Web.”
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    Fortune Readers Won’t Care If Magazine Cuts Back, Says Time Inc ExecIt’s not like they really read it, anyway.
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    Condé Nast Layoffs Reach GQ, Vanity Fair [Updated]“They said they couldn’t handle laying off everybody all at once. So every magazine has a scheduled day.”
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    Why Is Condé Nast Dragging Out Its Staff Cutbacks?This just seems more painful for everyone involved.
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    Condé Nast Pins Its Hopes on … Love!The magazine company has launched an online dating site.
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    Gannett Lays Off a Total of 1,400 WorkersBut they were valued while they were there.
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    Layoffs at SpinThe tiny staff just got even tinier.
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    Vibe Magazine FoldsAnother one bites the dust.
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    Mortgage Originator Magazine ClosesThe ‘Observer’ wasn’t the only place that had layoffs today.
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    Nick and Nick Jr. Magazines FoldThe kids’ magazines of Nickelodeon are no more.
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    WNYC Confirms Layoffs, CutbacksThe public radio station will lay off four people and eliminate eleven unfilled positions. Senior staff will take a pay cut, as well.
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    Communications-School Graduates Receiving Grim MessagesBasically, at Syracuse and Berkeley, they’re being told they’ll have to work for free.
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    Maybe It’s a Good Thing Newspaper Leaders Are Urgently MeetingAnd even better, it looks like the collusion wasn’t illegal!
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    Newspapers Collude to Save ThemselvesA meeting today among representatives of fifteen major papers could mean a lot of things.
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    Boston Globe Still Alive, StrugglingThe Boston ‘Globe’ continues to wrestle with employee unions and the ‘Times,’ and an alt-weekly outsources its content to India, in our daily media roundup.
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    Plan B Magazine Quits While AheadThat and the rest of today’s grim media news.
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    Reshuffling, Reimagining at OK!The celebrity weekly will focus more on style. Also, several editors are out. That and the rest of today’s media news.
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    Losses at Playboy, Across TelevisionToday in media news.
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    WNYC E-mails Staff Announcing LayoffsEighteen positions have been eliminated, workers were notified.
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    Literary Giant Betsy Perry Would Rather Burn Out Than Fade AwayDaily Intel’s favorite HuffPo columnist is forced to resign, and the Boston ‘Globe’ finally makes a deal, in today’s media roundup.
  33. Some Magazines Die, But Some Dead Magazines Rise AgainToday’s media news.
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    Boston Globe Gets a Stay of ExecutionBut not all of today’s media news is good.
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    Entertainment Weekly Publisher OutThat, and the rest of today’s saddening media news. Just in time for the ASMEs!
  36. Condé Nast Is ‘Operating Like General Motors’And more grim news about the struggling media industry.
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    Tina Brown Is Wrong About PortfolioWe’re never happy to see a magazine die, just like we’re never happy to see a person die. But even though he appears random and cruel, you have to admit that God, by which we mean Si Newhouse, does things for a reason.
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    NPR, Hachette Cut BackToday in media metamorphoses: The caterpillar becomes … a caterpillar with fewer legs.
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    McClatchy Takes Another HitThe latest in media metamorphoses.
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    In Media, Nothing You Do Will Ever Be EnoughJob cuts galore — even for those who invented their own companies — today in media land.
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    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Proves to Be Depressing Indicator for the Future of Printless NewspapersToday’s displeasing news about the news.
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    Jossip ‘on Pause,’ Barbara Walters Awkwardly TwitteringToday’s media news.
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    Oprah Tweeted, and the World’s Largest Newsprint Maker Filed for BankruptcyThe day in media news.
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    Sam Zell Calls Buying the Tribune a ‘Mistake’Somehow, his saying that doesn’t make us feel any better. That, and more bad news, in our media roundup.
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    On the Bright Side, a Magazine Devoted to Pole-Dancing Launched TodayBut it’s online-only. Meanwhile, the ax came down at some traditional media companies.
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    The New York Times Could Always Just Start a LiveJournalThe ‘Times’ today had three stories about the media’s epic struggle to stay afloat. Way to be self-referential, ‘Times’! And they say newspapers are having trouble adjusting to the Internet.
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    Albany Times-Union Cancels Bargaining Agreement With UnionMore than half of the paper’s workers are union.
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    Your Ad HereThe L.A.‘Times’ and other media outlets are giving ads more prominent placement, and sometimes even disguising them as front-page news stories! More on the media meltdown in our daily wrap-up, sponsored by your mom.
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    FHM Is Looking for an Editor-in-chiefYep, you read that right. There’s a media job, everybody! A media job!
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    Surfing Editor’s Ride Is OverMeanwhile, Google doesn’t understand why the AP is so angry when it’s just trying to help them, and other news on the changing media.
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