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Media Fails

  1. Roger Ailes Is Dumping His Treasured Upstate NewspaperHe turned the Putnam County News and Recorder into a mini–Fox News. Now he’s handing it over to the editor.
  2. Trump Uses Racist Conspiracy Theory to Promote Himself, One Last TimeThe GOP nominee tricked the media into broadcasting an infomercial for his campaign and hotels by promising to reveal where he thinks Obama was born.
  3. Much Like Rosa Parks, Ammon Bundy Doesn’t Use TwitterFalling hard for an unverified account. 
  4. media fails
    13 News Outlets That Reported the Death of Robert Ebert [Updated]Roger? No, Robert.
  5. equal rites
    False Alarm: Marilyn Musgrave Still Hates Gay MarriageThe New York Times screwed up big-time.
  6. media fails
    Add One More Thing to the List of ‘Things the Media Got Wrong About Newtown’Adam Lanza wasn’t wearing a bulletproof vest.