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Media Metamorphoses

  1. intel
    Intel Chris Says Good-byeXOXO.
  2. blog-stained wretches
    Slate Also Lays Off Book Editor and Wine ColumnistThe ax really fell hard today.
  3. media metamorphoses
    Tina Brown Steals Rosanne Lufrano From Martha Stewart Living OmnimediaShe’ll help launch the new ‘Newsweek’ iPad app.
  4. media metamorphoses
    Is It Okay for Reporters to Tweet Things They Don’t Know to Be True?That’s a question posed today.
  5. media metamorphoses
    Newspapers Finally Admit They’re Not SexyA new national ad campaign for a dying medium proclaims: “Smart is the new sexy.”
  6. winning the future
    21 New Media InnovatorsA bumper crop of new jobs and new ways of reporting, created by people who are willing to throw themselves into the breach and experiment.
  7. media metamorphoses
    AMI Buys OK! MagazineTime Inc. apparently dodged a bullet.
  8. ink-stained wretches
    Former Times Ethicist Randy Cohen Considered Suing Hugo LindgrenAnd he didn’t care if it was unethical to do so.
  9. media metamorphoses
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution Back in BlackGood news!
  10. media metamorphoses
    Slate Group Kills the Big MoneyThe financial-news website will shutter.
  11. media metamorphoses
    Well, It’s Official: Lew Dvorkin Gave Up on True/Slant for the Top Job at ForbesThe blog website will shutter this weekend.
  12. media metamorphoses
    Blodget’s Business Insider Gets New VC BackerWith its new round of financing, the web mini-empire will now have more to spend than it’s been running on for the past three years put together.
  13. media metamorphoses
    Pandora of News Plans to ‘Deliver the Final Blow’ to Newspapers, SomehowBy personalizing news.
  14. media metamorphoses
    Turns Out, Journalism Online’s Pay Wall Is Simple to Break ThroughBut the company’s organizers aren’t worried.
  15. blog-stained wretches
    No Reputation? Let Your Page Views Do the TalkingYahoo News’s new Upshot blog isn’t building a brand out of nothing; it’s building it out of millions and millions of page views.
  16. media metamorphoses
    National Public Radio Is Just NPR Now, Thank YouThe venerable public broadcasting institution has gone the way of FedEx and KFC.
  17. media metamorphoses
    Huffington Post Buys Pollster.comThe aggregating giant has added poll analysis to its repertoire.
  18. pay walls
    What Can Our Times Learn From the Launch of the London Times’ Pay Wall?Not everything went smoothly this week when the British paper erected an impermeable pay wall.
  19. media metamorphoses
    Time Magazine Content No Longer Free on the WebYou’ll have to buy the magazine, or if that’s too retro, get the iPad app.
  20. media metamorphoses
    Men’s Magazines Birthing All Over the PlaceThe new trend: cleaner living, fewer boobs.
  21. zombies
    Newsweek.com: Zombies Attack!“The undead have risen from their graves and invaded large portions of the East Coast.”
  22. media metamorphoses
    News Corp. Invests in Steve Brill’s Pay-Wall StartupWhich is odd, because they’ve already got their own pay-wall system.
  23. media metamorphoses
    Great Media Hiring Thaw Getting Even WarmerAnd our old friend Neel Shah heads to la-la land!
  24. blog-stained wretches
    Talking With the Feisty Newsweek Tumblr WriterMark Coatney has been defending his beleaguered magazine to the hilt. Are people listening?
  25. media metamorphoses
    Journal’s Expanded Weekend Edition Will Be Like British Sunday PapersSo sayeth Deborah Needleman, former ‘Domino’ editor.
  26. media metamorphoses
    So Who Is Going to Bid for Newsweek Tomorrow?And how much will they offer to pay?
  27. ink-stained wretches
    Times Pay-Wall Details to Be Announced ‘Toward the Latter Part of the Year’They’ll go into effect in January 2011.
  28. media metamorphoses
    Media Billionaire Joins List of 70 ‘Interested Parties’ in Newsweek SaleAnd he’s got the experience necessary.
  29. ink-stained wretches
    Meacham on Newsweek Sale: ‘It’s a Serious Day for Everyone Who Cares About Journalism’The ‘Newsweek’ editor has a hard time finding laughs on ‘The Daily Show.’
  30. ink-stained wretches
    Can Jon Meacham Save Newsweek Now?As the Washington Post Company announces that the newsweekly is up for sale, some staffers inside the magazine question its leadership.
  31. ink-stained wretches
    Washington Post Company to Sell NewsweekThis is bad news for the struggling weekly.
  32. media metamorphoses
    Former Observer Eds Benson and McGeveran Brewing ‘Capital’They’re launching a website!
  33. media deathwatch
    The Washington Times Is for SaleAnyone want to buy a conservative newspaper?
  34. in other news
    Huge Cutbacks at ABC SubsidingOver 300 lost employees later, the massacre has ended.
  35. media metamorphoses
    Weekend Edition to Be ‘Much Expanded in the Coming Months’They’re really going after that consumer advertising.
  36. media metamorphoses
    So What’s in the New Journal New York Section, Debuting Today?Lots of news for rich New Yorkers!
  37. media metamorphoses
    The New Bloomberg Businessweek: More Color, More Pages, and Soon, More Celebrity WritersWe got our hands on the newly relaunched business title.
  38. media metamorphoses
    Yale Publishing Course Will Be International, Business-OrientedWe spoke with the director of the new Ivy League graduate program.
  39. media deathwatch
    Washington Times Lays Off Nearly Half Its StaffThe Sports and Metro sections are dead.
  40. ink-stained wretches
    Times Layoffs: Salkin, Konigsberg, Rimer, and More [Updated]People keep getting called upstairs, and it’s not good news.
  41. media metamorphoses
    Nielsen Business Media Shutting Down Editor & Publisher and Kirkus ReviewsIn addition, they’re selling off ‘Adweek,’ ‘Mediaweek,’ ‘Backstage,’ ‘Billboard,’ and ‘The Hollywood Reporter.’
  42. media metamorphoses
    The Question at the UBS Media Conference: Is Content Still King?That’s what the media moguls have been saying, but is that still the answer?
  43. media metamorphoses
    Rolling Stone to Open Restaurant and Club in HollywoodBecause the Hard Rock Cafe may have Elvis’s pants, but do they have his CLOGS?
  44. media deathwatch
    National Geographic Adventure ClosesIt’ll continue on as a website, the company says, but they’ve already gone and laid off the entire staff.
  45. media deathwatch
    Washington Times to Cut at Least 40 Percent of StaffThe paper will also be distributed free in some areas.
  46. media metamorphoses
    Giant Magazine FoldsOh, and here you thought that had already happened.
  47. media metamorphoses
    David Carr’s Dirge and Paean to Media“For every kid that I bump into who is wandering the media industry looking for an entrance that closed some time ago, I come across another who is a bundle of ideas, energy and technological mastery.”
  48. media deathwatch
    Newspapers Collude to Save ThemselvesA meeting today among representatives of fifteen major papers could mean a lot of things.
  49. media metamorphoses
    Jon Meacham: New Newsweek ‘Intellectually Satisfying, Visually Rich’The editor of the revamped newsweekly thinks it’s just going to be great.
  50. media metamorphoses
    David Geffen Offered to Buy 19 Percent of New York TimesThe mogul’s bid to buy up the large share of stock currently owned by Harbinger Capital was not accepted.
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