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Medicaid Cuts

  1. Obamacare Mandate-Repeal Would Hammer Pro-Trump Rural AreasAs with the Medicaid cuts they supported earlier this year, Republicans are promoting health-care “reforms” that hurt their own constituents most.
  2. CBO Says Repealing Obamacare Without a Replacement Would Be a DisasterCBO says a “straight repeal” would cost 32 million their health coverage while doubling premiums.
  3. Now What? Democrats Must Decide How to Exploit the Collapse of Trumpcare.Democrats could go small or big or refuse cooperation at all. But the party needs a strategy to deal with its sudden leverage over health-care policy.
  4. How Many Millions Losing Health Coverage Will GOP ‘Moderates’ Find Acceptable?Soon Republican centrists will have to decide if big insurance losses due to Medicaid cuts are okay after all.
  5. McConnell Scrubs Half the Senate’s August Recess As GOP Scrambles to Save AgendaWill the extra time enable Republicans to come up with a health-care bill 50 senators support? Or deals on taxes and the budget?
  6. Will Medicaid Cuts in Senate Health-Care Bill Ever Be Implemented?Mitch McConnell asked conservatives to accept short-term Medicaid concessions in exchange for long-term cuts. They now fear cuts will never happen.
  7. CBO: Medicaid Cuts Will Snowball Down the Road Under Senate Health-Care BillThe design of the Senate health-care bill is to slowly introduce Medicaid cuts that will grow much larger as time goes by.
  8. Republicans May Have a Plan B If Their Health-Care Bill FailsThe Trumpcare bill is mostly composed of tax and Medicaid cuts. Why not shift these items into the next budget bill?
  9. Paul Ryan Tries to Bluff and Fib His Way Through CBO FiascoThe Speaker cherry-picks his way through a catastrophic assessment of his health-care bill.