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  1. first person
    Tom Scocca: Unraveling My Medical MysteryThe strangest things happen to other people’s bodies. Then they began happening to my own.
  2. medicine
    The Mystery of Long COVID Is Just the BeginningAt Yale’s clinic, medical sleuth Lisa Sanders is trying almost everything.
  3. medicine
    The Two Words That Can Make Health Care a NightmarePrior authorization buries doctors in paperwork and delays care to patients, sometimes with disastrous results.
  4. public health
    Blowing Bubbles and Eavesdropping in the Monkeypox-Vaccine LineHow one New Yorker tracked down a dose: social media, leaps of faith, and bypassing the appointment website entirely.
  5. medicine
    There Is a Monkeypox Antiviral. But Try Getting It.What’s standing between suffering patients and proven relief? Reams of government paperwork.
  6. medical breakthroughs
    A Pig’s Heart Has Been Successfully Transplanted Into a Human for the First TimeThe 57-year-old man who received a heart from a genetically modified pig is still doing well three days after the operation.
  7. covid-19
    The Good (But Not Great) News About T-Cells and Herd ImmunityTwo areas of research offer tentative hope that meaningful natural protection from COVID-19 may come sooner than expected.
  8. first person
    ‘We Have No Superpowers’: A New Doctor’s Lessons From the PandemicGraduating early to join the front lines of New York’s battle against the coronavirus offers a crash course in medicine’s limitations.
  9. coronavirus
    We Still Don’t Know How the Coronavirus Is Killing UsSix months in, doctors and researchers are continuing to discover dangerous new ways COVID-19 affects the body.
  10. coronavirus
    What It’s Like to Be Part of the First Coronavirus Vaccine Trial“I’m monitoring myself for fever, cough, nausea, headache. All of the symptoms of the virus.”
  11. global tech
    Solar-Powered Fridges Can Help Stop EpidemicsMuch of the world doesn’t have access to vaccines for one solvable reason: transportation logistics.
  12. global tech
    Fake Pills, Long Waits: Start-ups Trying to Improve Health Care Around the WorldRural communities around the world face problems getting access to treatment. These companies think they can close the gaps.
  13. rip
    Dr. Henry Heimlich Dead at 96His famous anti-choking maneuver has saved an estimated 100,000 lives.
  14. This Smart Helmet Might Be Able to Help Detect ConcussionsIt uses technology developed by NASA.
  15. select all
    This Terrifying Robot-Snake Surgeon Could Save Your Life Some DaySay ah!
  16. startups
    The U.S. Government Says Patients at Theranos Lab Are in ‘Immediate Jeopardy’The Silicon Valley lab has ten days to fix the issue.
  17. medicine
    HIV Found in Child Thought to Be CuredHer doctor says the news was “a punch in the gut.”
  18. medical miracles
    Second Baby ‘Cured’ of HIV After Early TreatmentAnd there may be several more.
  19. medical miracles
    Doctors Accidentally Cure Baby Born With HIVFast and strong treatment left a Mississippi girl “functionally cured.”
  20. precautions
    New Law May Change Doctor’s Uniforms ForeverState Senator Diane Savino said banning ties will save lives.
  21. service
    What to Do When You Lose an AppendagePut it in some Tupperware with ice, you think? WRONG.
  22. science
    HIV Vaccine Trial Shows Modest SuccessIn a massive trial in Thailand, those who took a vaccine were 31 percent less likely to contract HIV.