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  1. enlightenment for dummies
    On the Road to Enlightenment With Andrew Ross Sorkin, David Lynch, and Dr. OzAlso, Ray Dalio and Arianna Huffington.
  2. well why not
    Man Attempts to Stop Oil Spill Through Visualization, Meditation“I’m very known for fixing things and making things work,” he says.
  3. in other news
    Robert ‘Uma’s Dad’ Thurman Fantasizes About Being Breast-fed by Dick CheneyIn a Q&A with the ‘Times,’ we learn about a very disturbing meditation technique.
  4. intel
    The Self-Transcendence 3,100-Mile Race: A Five-Person PollAt this very moment, there are people in Queens locked in the midst of a 3,100-mile race around one block. It will take upwards of 40 days, and all their powers of meditation.