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  1. racism
    Tom Brokaw Wants Hispanics to Assimilate. Hispanics Aren’t the Problem.The ex-newsman wants Hispanics to work harder on assimilating and learning English. But they work hard already. Segregation is the bigger barrier.
  2. rudy giuliani
    Rudy Giuliani Clarifies That He Didn’t Mean to Go Full OrwellHe didn’t say what you think he said, he says.
  3. hirings and firings
    News Executive Patricia Fili-Krushel Leaving NBC Universal “We said maybe it’s time we part ways.”
  4. conversations
    Q&A: David Gregory on NBC and His Book on FaithHe says of his ouster from Meet the Press, “I understand Washington and there was blood in the water about me.”
  5. media
    (Actually) True War Stories at NBC NewsThe trouble didn’t start with Brian Williams.
  6. media
    (Actually) True War Stories at NBC NewsThe trouble didn’t start with Brian Williams.
  7. media
    Jon Stewart Confirms NBC Wanted Him to Host Meet the Press“My guess is they were casting as wide and as weird a net as they could.”
  8. NBC Wanted to Hire Jon Stewart to Host Meet the Press “They were ready to back the Brink’s truck up,” one source said
  9. ink-stained wretches
    Ann Curry Offers Awkward Message of Support for David GregoryHe won’t get an on-air “Ann Curry moment.”
  10. talking heads
    NBC Puts David Gregory Out of His MiseryThe network has reportedly made its final decision.
  11. talking heads
    NBC Not Denying Todd Will Replace Gregory on MTPThe change is reportedly coming by year’s end.
  12. ink-stained wretches
    Report: Meet the Press Will Dump David Gregory After the MidtermsMore rumors from the surprisingly catty world of Sunday-morning talk shows.
  13. talking heads
    No One Watches Meet the Press AnymoreThe network interviewed his friends and wife because no one is watching anymore.
  14. the clintons
    Paul Ryan Praises Clinton, But Which One?Either way, it proves that he’s very committed to sniping at President Obama.
  15. fiscal cliff
    President Obama Definitely Does Not Blame Himself for Fiscal Cliff Impasse Go ahead and guess who he thinks is responsible here.
  16. gun control
    NRA President Opposes David Gregory InvestigationBecause he opposes gun laws.
  17. guns in america
    Journalism Gets David Gregory in Hot Water With D.C. Police [Updated]It’s a different kind of “magazine.”
  18. post-convention blues
    Mitt Romney Forced to Continue Talking About Clint Eastwood He also called the budget sequester, which Paul Ryan voted for, a “big mistake.”
  19. stuck in the mittle
    Candidate Romney Will Finally Meet the PressOr rather, catch up on the past three years.
  20. in other news
    Face the Nation Makes Expansion PermanentCBS notes that it’s tough to be so popular.
  21. in other news
    NBC Denies David Gregory Is Getting the Ann Curry TreatmentNo teary good-byes at Meet the Press.
  22. no he cain’t
    Does Herman Cain Understand the Abortion Debate?We think no.
  23. sad things
    Meet the Press Host Bill Monroe DiesMonroe was the show’s fourth moderator.
  24. crazy things
    Eric Cantor: ‘It’s Not Nice to Call Anyone Crazy’Not even birthers.
  25. colin powell
    Colin Powell: Tea Party Is All Slogans, No Agenda“You can’t just have catchy phrases.”
  26. if it’s in an e-mail it must be true
    Mitch McConnell’s Subtly Undermining Endorsement of President Obama’s ChristianityIt’s Hillary’s “as far as I know” all over again.
  27. early and awkward
    Republicans Already Out of Ideas to Reduce the National DebtTwo party leaders can’t name a single thing the GOP would do.
  28. obama is a human person
    President Obama Would Beat LeBron If He Were Just a Little Bit TallerThat’s Robert Gibbs’s excuse.
  29. tea time
    Rand Paul Cancels on Meet the Press“No more national interviews on the topic.”
  30. tea time
    Rand Paul Trying to Bail on Meet the Press“Meet the Press” responds with public shaming.
  31. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Isn’t Entirely Sure She Wants to Finish Out the TermBut she intends to if she doesn’t get too tired.
  32. conspiracies
    Actually, Bill Clinton Kind of Downplayed the Right-wing Conspiracy This MorningBill Clinton’s remarks on ‘Meet the Press’ were more nuanced than the headlines would have us believe.
  33. the third terminator
    Should Bloomberg Go Bald?In which we imagine what a shaved mayor might look like.
  34. Not to Say We Told You So...’Meet the Press’ is slipping, and Chuck Todd is not the host of ‘Meet the Press.’ Coincidence?
  35. early and often
    Specter Acknowledges He’s Not Actually That LoyalWho knew?
  36. the greatest depression
    Government Seeks to Make Banks Less Profitable As It Acquires Large Stake in ThemThe administration has a confusing new plan for the bailout funds.
  37. todd-al domination
    NBC Admits Mistake, Gives Chuck Todd Weekend Political Show’Meet the Press,’ here we come.
  38. in other news
    Bob Schieffer vs. David Gregory: It Is ONThe ‘Face the Nation’ host promises to ‘beat’ his competitor’s ‘brains out.’ Er?
  39. in other news
    Are You Really Ready to Have David Gregory on ‘Meet the Press’?NBC and Gregory’s press people won’t confirm reports from last night that he’ll take over the moderator’s chair. Which gives us time to think.