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  1. gossipmonger
    Celebrity-Baby Boutique Spreads Word: Mariah Carey Is Totally Preggers!Also, dish on Barbara Walters, Ashley Olsen, and P. Diddy in our daily roundup.
  2. intel
    We Have the MisShapes Book It arrived on our desk today. We’ve been waiting for this book for quite some time, as with its arrival we hoped to sound the death knell of the fashion-forward hipster. After all, if a coffee-table book has been released about you, you’re even more over than if “Sunday Styles” writes about you. But when we picked it up, we have to say, we just couldn’t get mad at it. It’s pretentious and obnoxious and self-obsessed, sure. But the MisShapes and their editors wisely chose not to include any words in the book, other than those by Pulp’s Jarvis Crocker, Legs McNeil, and Vogue’s Sally Singer which serve as introductions. They let the people and the fashion and the energy of the party speak for itself. In fact, we even learned something from the book. Read what, and view a couple of pages from the book, after the jump.