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    Prince Harry Can’t Have U.K. Police Protection, Even If He PaysFirst King Charles fails to express any concern over Harry and Meghan’s “nearly catastrophic car chase” and now this.
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    Harry and Meghan’s ‘Near Catastrophic’ Car Chase: Everything We KnowThe photo agency Backgrid said the couple demanded that the paparazzi turn over all photos and videos taken during the chase, but they refused.
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    Coronation Guest Sir Karl Jenkins Claims He Isn’t Meghan Markle in DisguiseOkay, but that’s exactly what Meghan Markle would say if she were pretending to be a 78-year-old Welsh composer.
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    The Drama Lover’s Guide to the Coronation of King CharlesWhy is Harry going but not Meghan? Are performers snubbing Charles? Is Camilla making a sneaky title change? Here are all the biggest controversies.
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    Palace Grudgingly Accepts Harry and Meghan’s Daughter as ‘Princess’The couple christened their daughter Princess Lilibet Diana in their first use of the title. The palace said it’d get around to updating its website.
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    England Is Over Harry and MeghanThe couple’s new Netflix documentary is evidence that everyone is ready to move on.
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    It’s Another Chapter of Racism and the Royal FamilyA royal aide allegedly asked a British guest at Buckingham Palace what part of Africa she was from.
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    Prince Harry Is Lucky Donald Trump Isn’t His GrandparentThe celebrity-obsessed ex-president says the queen should’ve stripped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their titles and refused to let them visit.
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    Meghan Markle’s Ambitions Are Bigger Than RoyaltyShe’s inverting the Disney dream of a prince whisking her away to a castle; now the princess is ready to make her own empire.
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    Oh Good, a Meghan Markle EmojiKate Middleton is getting her own emoji, too.