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  1. tremendous content
    Melania Does ‘Give a F**k’ About Selling Christmas OrnamentsShe’s hawking another collection of golden Christmas ornaments with corresponding NFTs despite her notoriously awkward history with the holiday.
  2. tremendous content
    Donald Trump Reveals He and Melania ‘Actually Get Along’Contrary to what Trump’s GOP rivals are saying, his wife of 18 years likes him, and he doesn’t care if she doesn’t show it.
  3. tremendous content
    ‘Where’s Melania?’ Banner Is a Low-Energy Trump TauntThe only shocking thing about the attack on Trump at the Iowa college-football game is that one of his rivals thought it would humiliate him.
  4. tremendous content
    Melania Really Doesn’t Care About Trump’s Indictment, Do U?She reportedly sees Donald Trump’s fourth indictment “as another problem for her husband. Not for her.”
  5. early and often
    The Drama-Lover’s Guide to the New Trump BooksLove gossip but not enough to actually read all the books about Trump? Here are all the juicy, disturbing, and darkly amusing tidbits you missed.
  6. tremendous content
    Trump Super-PAC Paid Melania $155,000 to Choose TablewareHer “design consulting” was needed for a small Mar-a-Lago dinner, though that wasn’t initially apparent from the PAC’s federal findings.
  7. tremendous content
    Melania Trump Releases ‘Yearning to Breathe Free’ NFTThe former First Lady is celebrating Fourth of July by hawking NFTs featuring the Statue of Liberty and a mysterious message.
  8. tremendous content
    Kari Lake Auditions to Be Trump’s Next Pence and/or MelaniaAn innuendo-laced report that Trump’s potential VP pick “practically lives” at Mar-a-Lago is raising uncomfortable questions.
  9. tremendous content
    Melania Trump Is ‘Standing by Her Husband’ (From a Distance)The ex–First Lady is reportedly showing her support “quietly and privately” … so don’t expect to see her at Trump’s second arraignment.
  10. tremendous content
    Trump Forgets Melania, Remembers the ‘Marxists’ on Mother’s DayMelania’s probably used to it, as he didn’t wish her a happy birthday, either.
  11. tremendous content
    Melania Fully ‘Supports’ Donald (Though She’s Keeping Her Distance)Anonymous sources insist the Trumps are “closer than ever” following the ex-president’s legal troubles, despite evidence to the contrary.
  12. tremendous content
    Donald Trump Missed Melania’s Birthday, Was Too Busy Ranting OnlineDon’t worry — sources say the Trumps still “have a more than suitable partners arrangement.” Aww!
  13. tremendous content
    Ivanka Trump Declares Neutrality on Father’s IndictmentShe issued a statement that is 27 words long and somehow says absolutely nothing — though her broader message was crystal clear.
  14. tremendous content
    Melania Trump Was Mastermind Behind ‘Hero Dog’ StoryShould Melania have been in the Situation Room for the al-Baghdadi raid? No. But her dog idea was no dumber than anything her husband did.
  15. tremendous content
    Trump Posts Fake Apology to Melania and HannityTrump did use the words “I’d like to apologize” in his Truth Social post, which is rare. But he only said it to attack the “Fake News Media.”
  16. encounter
    ‘I Was Part of Something Unusually Evil’In Kansas with Stephanie Grisham, who does not believe she will be redeemed.
  17. capitol riot
    Read Melania Trump’s Letter About the Capitol RiotShe condemns political violence — and critical media coverage of herself.
  18. huh
    Melania’s White House Memoir May Be a Coffee-Table BookWhich admittedly feels more aligned with her brand than an intimate autobiography would.
  19. white house
    Leaked Recording of Melania Trump: ‘Who Gives a F**k About Christmas Stuff?’In a leaked tape, the First Lady also shares her frustration with critics who wanted her to stop migrant-family separation: “Give me a f***ing break.”
  20. republican national convention
    Republican Convention Schedule: Who’s Speaking and How to WatchTom Cotton, Mitch McConnell, and Rudy Giuliani are set to speak on Thursday night ahead of President Trump’s acceptance speech.
  21. first person
    Melania Trump’s Ex-BFF Tells (Almost) AllStephanie Winston Wolkoff thought Trumpworld conspired to destroy her reputation. The First Lady told her, “Don’t be so dramatic.”
  22. republican national convention
    Night Two of the RNC Badly Needed an EditorAfter a wild first night, the second night of the RNC had its insane moments but lacked pace and drama.
  23. vision 2020
    When Did First Ladies Start Speaking at National Party Conventions?Nobody expects Melania Trump to become another Eleanor Roosevelt, but at a dynastic event like RNC 2020, a speech was obligatory.
  24. white house
    Former Melania Confidant Pens Latest Trump Tell-All BookStephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former adviser to Melania Trump, is set to release a book on her friendship with the first lady on September 1.
  25. reread
    In 2002, Our Singles-Issue Cover Model Was the Future First LadyMelania and the firefighter.
  26. racism
    Melania Trump Will Be FineHer cold reception in Baltimore belies a life of staggering insulation, even compared to her predecessor.
  27. field trips
    Melania Starts a Near Riot at the United Nations Private SchoolInside the drama over diplomat kids and a FLOTUS field trip.
  28. priorities
    Melania Busy With Important BusinessShe’s … already preparing the White House for Christmas.
  29. melania trump
    Melania Trump Mistook Australian Politician Julie Bishop for a Minister’s WifeAccording to a new story from ex-Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, the First Lady asked her if she would attend a lunch for the spouses of politicians.
  30. melania trump
    First Lady Invites 11-Year-Old to SOTU Because He Is Bullied for His Name: TrumpThe First Lady doesn’t want anyone making fun of a Trump — all 4,788 of them living in America.
  31. war on christmas
    Donald Trump Hates Christmas PartiesMaking Christmas great again was a pillar of his campaign, but White House hosting duties have sparked a war on Christmas inside his own heart.
  32. reading the signs
    Melania Trump’s Blonde BombshellAs ever, the First Lady says one thing and performs its opposite.
  33. politics
    Melania Trump Goes Blonde on Fox NewsAnd the internet has some thoughts.
  34. silent night
    People Are Apparently Stealing from Melania’s Haunted TreesThey crave the haunted fruit.
  35. reading the signs
    Searching for Meaning in Melania Trump’s Red Christmas TreesWhy are we so haunted by them?
  36. silent night
    Melania Trump Ushers in Another Deeply Haunted Holiday SeasonThe White House Christmas decorations are up.
  37. just asking questions
    Exploring the Secret History of Trump’s WomenTrump and his “Queens,” as Nina Burleigh calls them in her new book, Golden Handcuffs, are a link to a different era.
  38. A Year After Charlottesville, Racists to Gather in Trump’s NeighborhoodIt’s probably no accident that the white supremacists are rallying as close to Donald Trump as they can get.
  39. Trump Reportedly Threw a Tantrum After Seeing an Air Force One TV Tuned to CNNMelania Trump’s spokeswoman said the First Lady watches “any channel she wants,” despite her husband’s Fox News–only rule.
  40. Melania Trump, Conway Pretend Trump Can’t Immediately Stop Family SeparationsAn administration that won’t take ownership of its own policy.
  41. melania watch
    Melania to Make (Sort of) Public Appearance for First Time in 25 DaysBut the press isn’t invited, and she won’t be attending the G7 Summit or Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un.
  42. Melania Trump Has Been Released From HospitalPresident Trump later welcomed her home to the White House in a tweet which misspelled her name.
  43. Schumer Reminds Trump to #BeBest After ‘Cryin’ Chuck’ TweetFirst Lady Melania Trump launched the oddly named initiative earlier this week, in part to encourage civility on social media.
  44. Donald Trump Fits Perfectly Into Melania’s ‘Be Best’ InitiativeThe hypocrisy.
  45. first couple
    Melania, Who Swats Trump’s Hand Away, Might Not Like Spending Time With HimAs all the uncomfortable memes suggest, the First Couple are said to “spend very little to no time together.”
  46. Behind That Viral Photo of 4 Presidents and 4 First LadiesThe photographer of that shot of the Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, and Melania Trump tells us how he got the instantly iconic image.
  47. select all
    Melania Trump’s Face While Watching the State of the Union Was All of UsShe looked, well, let’s say not happy.
  48. politics
    Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Win — and Neither Did His CampaignOne year ago: the plan to lose, and the administration’s shocked first days.
  49. select all
    Mr. and Mrs. Trump Both Beef Pearl Harbor Remembrance TweetsMelania’s tweet got the date wrong.
  50. People Are Saying a Melania Impostor Was With Trump in This VideoSomething’s going on.
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