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    Melania Trump’s Face While Watching the State of the Union Was All of UsShe looked, well, let’s say not happy.
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    Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Win — and Neither Did His CampaignOne year ago: the plan to lose, and the administration’s shocked first days.
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    Mr. and Mrs. Trump Both Beef Pearl Harbor Remembrance TweetsMelania’s tweet got the date wrong.
  4. People Are Saying a Melania Impostor Was With Trump in This VideoSomething’s going on.
  5. Melania and Barron Have Finally Moved to the White HouseThey were photographed trudging toward their new home on Sunday evening.
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    Melania and Barron to Move Into the White House Next WeekSome staffers reportedly hope she will be a calming presence, though Trump pivots never pan out.
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    Melania Trump Just Liked a Tweet About How Much She Hates Her HusbandEither Melania has a really dry sense of humor or she has an intern about to get fired.
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    Melania Trump’s Official Portrait Stepped Out of the ’80s and Into 100s of MemesSo much blurring.
  9. Trump to Tackle Deficit With Imaginary Growth, Elimination of Popular ProgramsThe president is poised to pay for his tax cuts by baselessly assuming 3 percent economic growth and eliminating public broadcasting.
  10. What Will Become of Michelle Obama’s Garden in a Trump Administration?The president-elect isn’t much of a vegetable fan, but the First Lady has taken steps to ensure the vegetable garden hangs around.
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    Melania Trump Worked Illegally When She First Immigrated to the U.S.: ReportShe was paid $20,056 for ten modeling jobs, though she did not have the proper visa.
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    A History of the Trumps on New York’s CoverEleven Donalds, three Ivanas, one Marla, one Melania.
  13. Melania Trump Sues the Daily Mail for $150 Million Over Escort RumorsYou can’t say she didn’t warn them.
  14. New Questions About Melania Trump’s Immigration StoryPolitico details some glaring inconsistencies.
  15. Melania Plagiarized Obama Out of AdmirationMelania told her speechwriter Meredith McIver that she had “always liked Michelle Obama” and read her passages from Obama’s DNC speech. McIver copied them into the final draft of the address.
  16. Reports: Melania Added Plagiarism on RevisionNBC News and the New York Times report that Melania Trump was provided with a plagiarism-free speech. Then she decided to try and make it her own.
  17. Trump Campaign Says Hillary Clinton Is Behind Melania’s Plagiarism Controversy“This is, once again, an example of how when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton, how she seeks out to demean her and take her down.”
  18. Did Melania Trump Rickroll Us All at the Republican National Convention?He will never ever give you up.
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    Melania Trump Plagiarized an Entire Paragraph From Michelle Obama’s 2008 SpeechThe campaign admits her team of writers “included fragments that reflected her own thinking,” whatever that means.
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    The Trump Campaign Failed Melania — and Not Just Because of the PlagiarismIf they had actually paid attention to Michelle Obama’s 2008 address, Trump’s speech wouldn’t have been so empty and meaningless.
  21. First Night of RNC: War, Benghazi, and MelaniaThe first night of the Republican National Convention will revolve around national security, which in Trump-speak means Benghazi!, “Fast and Furious,” and assorted conspiracy theories and grievances.
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    Trump Not a Groper, Also Not Hitler, Boast Family MembersVerbally abusive fascist is not a physically abusive Nazi, insist loving family members.
  23. Melania Trump Thinks America Is in ‘Big Trouble.’ Huge. The Biggest.Only Donald can save us.
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    Melania Trump Thinks Her Husband Is the ‘Sexiest Man in the World’The Donald’s wife, and jewelry designer, answers our usual 21 questions.
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    Melania Trump Is Completely Devoid of Personality, Paper ReportsNow we know.
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    Here Is a Picture of Two Couples Who Are Truly in LoveNew York men and the women who love them.
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    Megan Fox Is Sick of People Telling Her She Looks Like Angelina JolieKanye West, however, is fine with being compared to Michael Jackson. Plus, Jude Law’s baby mama revealed, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
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    Ivana Trump’s Wedding Marked by Boobs, BreastsA gang of C-listers peopled Ivana’s wedding to Rossano Rubicondi this weekend in Palm Beach.
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    Melania Is Getting a Wild(enstein) Look in Her EyeWe’ve always sort of thought that Melania and Donald Trump looked like one another. Not in their facial structure, per say, but they both do this Sports Illustrated–swimsuit-model pose for pictures, where they squint their eyes and open their mouths a little bit. It’s like they just burped during sex and are trying to blow it away or something, without ruining the moment. But now we’re sad to say that Melania is beginning to look a little bit more like someone else these days. Granted Melania is still stunningly beautiful and has a long way to go before people start calling her a “cat woman.” But there’s definitely something going on with her eyes there that is beginning to look a bit too familiar. Day Six at the Tents