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  1. the tweet beat
    Twitter, Meet the College Kid Whose Hot Model Dad Became a MemeCollin Hayslett’s dad is 45, a former pastor pursuing a modeling career … and he’s happily married.
  2. meme
    These Memes Are Definitely Not Your ManA new Twitter meme to help you identify who is and is not your man.
  3. pokemon go to the polls
    There Will Never Be a Good Voting Meme AgainRelating to these memes – like “me voting in 2016 versus me voting in 2018” – means subjecting yourself to a depressing way of following politics.
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    Please Stop the ‘What Do You Do?’ Meme: An InterventionThis is not a meme. It’s a humblebrag.
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    Congrats to the Kid Who Got a Super Bowl Selfie With Justin TimberlakeRyan McKenna, a 13-year-old from Massachusetts is the viral star of the 2018 Super Bowl.
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    This Is My Meme. No Six-pack, No Bulging Biceps. Don’t Like It, Unfollow.BUT I LOVE my meme.
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    Bleak Meme Here to Remind Us That in 2017 We Still Don’t Have Flying CarsThe future, a.k.a. 2017, was supposed to be a lot cooler than it actually is.
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    Everyone on Twitter Is Making Hilarious Playlists for Their Crushes on SpotifyStringing together song titles into semi-coherent sentences is this week’s best meme.
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    Straightforward From Here: A New MemeStep One: Impeach Trump and Pence.
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    When You’re Creeping Hard and Searching for a Perfect Meme to Explain ItA scene from Spy Kids 2 is getting revived via memes.
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    Without Revealing Your Actual Age, Read About This New MemeImagine trying to explain a floppy disc to a 9-year-old kid who has owned an iPhone since birth.
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    Despite His Best Meme Efforts, Barack Obama Won’t Let Joe Biden Prank TrumpBiden memes are the only good internet today.
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    Here’s How the Electoral Map Would Look If Everyone Joked About Electoral MapsA fun new election meme for voters everywhere.
  14. How Not to Pronounce Meme, Starring MLB’s Bryce HarperNow watch me whip; now watch me me-me.
  15. “Would You Kill Baby Hitler?” Meme Killed by Ben CarsonR.I.P.
  16. Incredibly Relatable Shovel-Wielding Pantsless French Guy Is All of UsWe’ve all been there.
  17. the future is coming
    The Boy Genius Behind 4Chan Launches His Next Start-UpLet the meme-making begin!