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  1. memoirs
    Barack Obama Has Finally Finished His BookPart one of a two-volume reflection on his life and presidency will come out just after the presidential election.
  2. Ben Carson May Have Never Stabbed AnyoneIn his redemption memoir, Carson wrote that he stabbed a friend. Last night on Fox News, he said he stabbed a relative.
  3. Tina Brown Will Write a Memoir, NaturallyAfter 30-odd years in the business, she kind of has to.
  4. memoirs
    McChrystal Blames Self for Rolling Stone StoryAnd the Rolling Stone writer, just a little.
  5. divorce
    Maria Shriver Does Not Approve of 60 Minutes’ Schwarzenegger InterviewOne source described it to TMZ as “a blowjob for Arnold.”
  6. Fidel Castro Launches 1,000-Page MemoirGuerrilla of Time.
  7. three cups of bs
    Did Three Cups of Tea Author Greg Mortenson Fabricate Much of His Memoir (and Charity Work)?That’s what ‘60 Minutes’ says.
  8. memoirs
    Scott Brown Gets a Book DealSenator’s “personal story,” due in 2011, remains untitled.