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  1. It Looks Like H.R. McMaster Is Cleaning House at the NSCA few high-profile firings of Flynn and Bannon allies including one who wrote a bizarre memo warning against “globalists” — are out in recent weeks.
  2. it’s pronounced ‘chevero-lay’
    General Motors Apologizes for Trying to Act FancyChevrolet: It’s French.
  3. cleaning up
    In Internal Memos, BP Valued a Human Life at About $10 MillionWhich, frankly, is more than we would have guessed.
  4. early and often
    What We Can Learn From the Clinton MemosMuch of the revelations from the memos aren’t exactly new, but some of the details can be fascinating, allowing us to look into the thoughts, nay, the very souls, of Team Clinton.
  5. early and often
    The Bitchiest Moments From the Clinton-Campaign MemosWe collect our favorite lines from the memos revealed by ‘The Atlantic’ yesterday.
  6. ink-stained wretches
    Thomson Streamlines the ‘Journal’ Masthead Even FurtherIn the most recent round of changes, there is only one departure, but a consolidation of all the company’s news desks.
  7. intel
    ‘Times’ Names New Writer for Leaderless LedeYou might have noticed that the Lede — the Times’ curiously nonspecific notes-on-the-news blog — has been dormant since the start of the month; its creator, Tom Zeller Jr., abandoned 43rd Street for the more mapperific precincts of National Geographic back in early March. But today the paper announced a new leader for the Lede: Mike Nizza, who’s been the editor of the NYTimes.com homepage. In the just-out staff memo announcing the appointment, Jonathan Landman and Jim Roberts have lots of nice things to say about Mike. Which makes us realize perhaps we ought to start reading the thing. We do, after all, have a fondness for curiously nonspecific news-related blogs. The Landman-Roberts memo is after the jump.
  8. intel
    Is the ‘Wall Street Journal’ Forsaking Canada?