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  1. men
    Single Men Change Their Sheets Four Times a Year, According to PollIt’s probably less than that. 
  2. the most important people in the world
    Shia LaBeouf Stole Esquire’s ‘How to Be a Man’“A man who’s been plagiarized must be graceful and grateful.”
  3. tech
    NYC Tech’s Real Advantage: Ladiezzz!A young engineer is choosing our fine city over Silicon Valley in part for the dating scene.
  4. men
    Montana Senator Jon Tester Lugs Around a Suitcase of MeatYour “Manliest Senator” award winner. 
  5. health
    HPV Vaccine Not Just for Girls AnymoreA medical panel recommends young boys get the shot, too.
  6. media
    Cosmopolitan Launched a ‘Cosmo for Guys’ iPad AppHigh-tech sex tips!
  7. std diaries
    HPV Now Puts Men at Risk for Oral CancerLike HPV needed another downside.
  8. jars of tears
    Breaking: Crying Not a Big Turn-On for DudesMen who sniffed jars containing women’s tears were found to experience “drops in testosterone.”
  9. survey says
    Fact: Women Are Better People Than MenA new survey proves what we’ve always suspected.
  10. fearmongering
    Recession Turned New York’s Straight Men Into a Bunch of Girls, Pink Paper ReportsThey’re doing the shopping and cleaning and not even complaining!
  11. early and awkward
    McCain Supporters Were Literally Emasculated by His LossAccording to science.
  12. the greatest depression
    Unstyling the RichDuring the boom, everyone wanted to be a stylist. Now, the hot new career is unstyling.
  13. the greatest depression
    Greatest Depression Forces Men to Get PrettyTo compete in this marketplace, “you need to look good,” says Botox-ed dude.
  14. men
    We Are Confused by Page Six Magazine’s ‘Hottest Bachelors’ ListRon Burkle? Really?
  15. in other news
    Weird Science! NYU Student Invents Virtual GirlfriendNow men in Manhattan will desire real-life flesh-and-blood girlfriends even less!
  16. in other news
    You’ll Never Find Him, Ladies. Just Read the ‘Times’Today’s “Thursday Styles” brings bad news to single New York gals. As it turns out, taking classes — running, tennis, wine tasting, you name it — is not the best way to meet men. Apparently, men don’t think they need to take classes, explains Stephanie Rosenbloom. “It goes against the male grain to acknowledge ignorance about a subject.” Consider the case of Wendy Hill. The poor girl signed up for a course at the Met and various activities for the unattached, all with unpromising results. “She described the men in her architecture classes as 60-somethings, and the few she’d met at class activities geared to singles as ‘blech.’” Sure, there are exceptions — congrats on that upcoming wedding, Debra Wilensky and Randy Weinstein! — but, overall, instructors don’t report high hit-it-off success rates. Still, ladies, don’t despair: Hope comes in the very same section of the Times. It’s not that men avoid all group activities: They’re just really busy with Bounce-n-Slide. —Lori Fradkin Mr. Right, It Turns Out, Does Not Take Classes [NYT] Stretching, Sliding, Bonding: A Multitasking Mix [NYT]
  17. in other news
    ‘Manbivalent’ Books on the Way; Ambivalent Men Not Going AnywhereFeel there aren’t enough neurotic, indecisive, commitment-phobic thirtysomething guys in your life already? Today’s Publishers Lunch brings some good news for you, then: Humorist Bob Powers’ first two books in the JUST MAKE A CHOICE! series, a contemporary choose-your-own-adventure format in which the protagonist is an ambivalent thirty-year old is terrified to make the choices that would add focus to his career and his love life for fear that he’ll never be able to go back and start over again if he’s wrong. We understand Benjamin Kunkel is preparing a copyright-infringement suit.