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Mental Illness

  1. life in pixels
    Donald Trump, Kanye West, and the Reign of Human ClickbaitMedia outlets created “clickbait” to stand out in a crowded environment. What’s the psychological equivalent?
  2. roundup
    As Profile of Orlando Shooter Develops, Questions About His Motives RemainWas Omar Mateen an ISIS-inspired terrorist, a self-loathing closet case, a mentally ill mass-murderer, or any or all of the above?
  3. The Assassination of MP Jo Cox Has Intensified Britain’s Political CrisisHer suspected killer said his name was “death to traitors, freedom for Britain,” in a court appearance on Saturday, but how the tragedy will influence next week’s Brexit vote remains unclear.
  4. newtown massacre
    Adam Lanza’s Mother Is Not AloneMoms set off a national dialogue on mental illness.
  5. let’s get civical
    Antonia Novello’s Shopping ProblemWas former health commissioner Antonia Novello just into shopping? Or was it a disease she could not control?