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Meredith Whitney

  1. the missing muni meltdown
    Meredith Whitney Thinks You Should Move to Flyover CountryCoastal cities are pretty much a lost cause, the Wall Street celebrity says. North Dakota, on the other hand …
  2. economic indicators
    Meredith Whitney Has Something Good to Say About the EconomyFor a few seconds at least.
  3. cat fights
    Alexandra Lebenthal Will Claw Meredith Whitney’s Eyes Out Over Municipal BondsWherever, whenever. The bond expert just wants her to bring it.
  4. halloween
    And the Award for Nerdiest Office Halloween Costume Goes To …Drew Dampier, second-year analyst at Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, please accept your award of public humiliation.
  5. the season of the witch
    Wall Street’s Scary SeasonLayoffs abound in the financial-services sector.
  6. fi-cri fallout
    Breaking: People Hastily Elevated During Financial Crisis May Not Be GeniusesAnalyst Meredith Whitney is not living up to some expectations.
  7. white men with money
    Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Book Party Was Filled With CEOs, Warts and AllAnd we were there.
  8. he’s just jealous
    Meredith Whitney Is Not ‘That Great,’ Okay?“Before we douse her with more champagne, put her on TV with Charlie Rose and hand over the keys to the Treasury Department, it might be worth taking another look at what really happened.”
  9. Oppenheimer Analyst Meredith Whitney Is Striking Out on Her OwnAfter all that they’ve been through, we know they’re cool.
  10. the greatest depression
    Ballbusting Analyst Meredith Whitney Wants Banks to Let Go of Their ‘Crown Jewels’The Oppenheimer and Co. analyst suggests a massive ‘yard sale.’
  11. the greatest depression
    The Fearmongers of FinanceClick through to read about ten analysts who predict economic gloom and doom. IF YOU DARE.
  12. the greatest depression
    Jamie Dimon and Meredith Whitney Do the Conference-Call LambadaThe JPMorgan CEO and Oppenheimer analyst fight because they love.
  13. company town
    Meredith Whitney Eyes Goldman After Stock DropAnalysts aren’t so hot on the formerly golden bank this week. Plus, the latest on Andrew Cuomo, George Clooney, Diane Von Furstenberg, and more, in our daily industry report.
  14. company town
    Meredith Whitney Has Housing Woes of Her OwnThe Oppenheimer analyst, known for her harsh critiques of banks over subprime losses, displays a fondness for animal prints. Plus, ‘Playgirl’ folds, and a painter sells her pad for a pretty penny, in today’s digest of finance, media, real-estate and law news.
  15. company town
    Jane Fonda’s Vocab Malfunction Might Affect FCC’s Ruling on Janet Jackson’s NipplesLAW • Jane Fonda’s vocabulary malfunction on NBC’s Today show last week might influence the legal battle between CBS and the FCC over Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction in her 2004 Super Bowl halftime appearance. [Legal Intelligencer] • New York City criminal-defense lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz receives support for representing the accused murderer of a 7-year-old girl. [NYT] • Are television shows the reason lawyers get a bad rap? [Law.com]
  16. company town
    At Least Sam Zell Is Pragmatic About the Fact That Most Journalists Are Functional AlcoholicsMEDIA • Sam Zell, the real-estate tycoon turned media mogul, took his brusque, fake-folksy style to his minions at the Tribune with a new employee manual. A few samples: “7.1. If you use or abuse alcohol or drugs and fail to perform the duties required by your job acceptably, you are likely to be terminated. … Coming to work drunk is bad judgment. 7.2. If you do not use or abuse alcohol or drugs and fail to perform the duties required by your job acceptably, you are likely to be terminated.” Also, “You may want to think twice before you enter into an intimate relationship with a co-worker. When you start, it might seem like a good idea. It’s when you stop, or the wrong people find out (and they will) that you could discover that perhaps it wasn’t.” [WP, Tribune] • Judith Regan on Giuliani: “Is he getting uglier? Is his face looking more twisted? What happened to him?” Don’t feel too bad, Rudy. You know what they say: When someone teases you like this, it means she likes you. [Mixed Media/Portfolio] • Facebook threatened to revoke Nick Denton’s account after the blog-lord posted pics of Steve Brill’s recent-college-grad daughter Emily. [Gawker, Daily Brief/Portfolio]