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  1. the top line
    The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Remedy Makes No SenseIf the whole rationale behind the merger that a small fourth carrier can’t compete with the big guys, why create a new one?
  2. the top line
    Kudos to the States Suing to Block Sprint/T-Mobile MergerAs the state attorneys general suing on antitrust grounds know, competition among four national cellular providers serves Americans well.
  3. pentagon budget
    Trump: U.S. Defense Spending Is Too High — But Must Not Be CutThe president shared his coherent, carefully considered thoughts on the Pentagon budget with CNBC Monday morning.
  4. Court Approves AT&T’s Merger With Time WarnerThe decision is likely to spur a wave of other mergers throughout the (already heavily consolidated) media industry.
  5. Sprint and T-Mobile Announce MegamergerThe two companies are betting that Trump administration regulators will be friendly to their ambitions.
  6. consolidation
    CVS Finalizes $69 Billion Deal to Buy AetnaThe merger, if approved, could dramatically reshape the health-care industry.
  7. The Trump Administration’s Latest Attack on the Rule of Law Is Actually GoodIn blocking the AT&T–Time Warner merger, the Justice Department appears to be doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.
  8. media
    Trump Denies He Has Interfered in AT&T–Time Warner MergerBut much of this story still doesn’t add up.
  9. The Boy Scouts Apologize for the President’s Conduct at Their Jamboree“We sincerely regret that politics were inserted into the Scouting program.”
  10. White House Warns CNN That Critical Coverage Could Cost Time Warner Its MergerThe Trump administration is now openly threatening to use the Justice Department as a tool for punishing critical speech.
  11. Trump-Friendly Company Buys Rights to Deliver Local News to 70 Percent of U.S.Last year, Sinclair reportedly made a deal with the Trump campaign, trading access for friendly coverage. Now, it’s poised to expand its reach.
  12. The Airline Industry Is a Starving Giant That’s Eating Our EconomyUnited assaulting one of its passengers is a stark reminder of how desperately we need to reregulate the airline industry.
  13. AT&T to Purchase Time Warner in $85 Billion MegamergerThe reported deal unites AT&T’s communications infrastructure with Time Warner’s film and television empire.
  14. Aetna to Feds: Give Us Our Merger or Obamacare Gets ItThe Obama administration rejected the merger anyway. Aetna exited Obamacare in 11 states this week.
  15. mergers
    The Comcast–Time Warner Merger Is DeadThe $45 billion deal has been dropped.
  16. mergers
    Why Dollar Stores Are Having a Hard Time Making a BuckDollar Tree and Family Dollar are merging, but things still aren’t looking good at the lower end of the retail economy.
  17. mergers
    American Airlines and US Airways Approve Merger, Forming World’s Largest AirlineThose who don’t like it are free to take Greyhound.
  18. mergers
    AT&T Is Buying T-MobileDo you hear my wireless monopoly now?
  19. layoffs
    Is AOL Attempting to Skirt Employee Protection Laws?Possibly yes.
  20. arianna!
    AOL to Lay Off ‘Hundreds’ Starting TomorrowThe cuts will hit hardest in India.
  21. media
    Salon.com Open to Merger“We’d like to think you don’t have to be a media conglomerate to succeed at doing high-quality journalism. The content economy we have today says you probably have to be.”
  22. mergers
    United and Continental Come Together to Form Airline SuperpowerTwo companies agree to $3 billion merger.