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  1. lawsuits
    Merrill Lynch Reportedly Settles Suit for $315 MillionThat would make it the biggest mortgage-backed securities settlement yet.
  2. how things work
    How the ‘Smart Guys’ at Merrill Lynch Got Things Done“Traders who bought and sold securities with the firm’s own money for two years were close enough to see the computer screens of traders taking orders from clients and overhear their phone calls.”
  3. wall street justice
    Peter Kraus Finally Loses Some MoneyRecession finally catches up to man who made $25 million in three months at Merrill Lynch.
  4. rogue’s gallery
    The Wolfman of Bank of AmericaNo one comes off well in the new Merrill Lynch snuff book, ‘Crash of the Titans,’ but one character distinguishes himself.
  5. fi-cri fallout
    All Investors Think They’re Sophisticated Until They Start Losing Money“We were just lambs being led to the slaughter,” investor in CDOs whimpers. Only without the blindfold, or the chain, or anything like that.
  6. white men with money
    AllianceBernstein CEO Peter Kraus Keeps It RealJust because he has a lot of material possessions doesn’t mean he never thinks about the meaning of life.
  7. justifications
    Finding Out About Merrill Lynch’s CDO Problem Was Like Getting Kicked in the Balls, Says Former CEOStan O’Neal gives his first interview since leaving Merrill Lynch, and it is awesome.
  8. mysteries
    Former Merrill Lynch Executive Forced to Declare Bankruptcy Just to Keep a $14 Million Roof Over His HeadHow did things go so wrong for this tan man?
  9. built ford tough
    Ford Made Same Amount at Merrill in Good Times and BadHe was guaranteed $2 million a year, according to the ‘Times.’
  10. interior decorating
    John Thain’s New Office Is Unconscionably Ugly and There Is Nothing He Can Do About ItWe’ll see how long he lasts before tearing off that hideous wallpaper with his bare hands.
  11. new beginnings
    John Thain to Head Company He Knows for Sure Is Screwed UpMerrill Lynch CEO famed for his “interior-decorating mistake” takes over at CIT Group.
  12. illegitimi non carborundum
    John Thain Is Determined Not to Let an ‘Interior Decorating Mistake’ Be His LegacyThe former Merrill Lynch CEO, known for his taste in commodes, mulls a job offer.
  13. deja vu
    SEC Going After Bank of America For Lying to Shareholders, AgainBank of America didn’t tell investors that Merrill Lynch lost billions.
  14. white men with rugs
    CEO Who Spent $1 Million Redecorating Office While Firm Imploded Thinks Washington Should Take It Easy on CEOsFormer Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain thinks the FCIC hearings will be a waste of time if they’re just “an opportunity to pummel the CEOs.”
  15. jamie dimon
    Jamie Dimon Hires His FatherTed Dimon leaving Bank of America for JP Morgan.
  16. ceoh no!
    Former Merrill Lynch CEO Comes Late to the Frugality TrendStan O’Neal chooses coach, a little too late.
  17. annoying things
    Former Finance Professionals Stunned to Find There Are Jobs That Don’t Require Them to Be JerksWell, unless they want to be.
  18. coulda shoulda
    John Thain’s Life Would Be Different If He Had Purchased an EktorpIf only the former Merrill Lynch CEO had bought Ikea.
  19. finance fiction
    The British Are Making a Movie About Lehman BrothersThe new BBC reenactment of the events of last September sounds a little too British.
  20. white men with fish
    Hank Paulson: ‘You Bet I Threatened Ken Lewis’Because he DESERVED it.
  21. the greatest depression
    Hey, Everybody: Being a Banker Is Awesome AgainSalaries are up, up, up! Even if profits are not.
  22. white men who are nervous
    Bank of America Chief Ken Lewis Gets in Front of the Firing SquadThe Bank of America CEO faces down angry shareholders at the company’s annual meeting.
  23. the bonus buster
    Cuomo Finally Scores in Merrill Lynch BonusgateHe went through all the testimony and found a lie! Or, an inconsistency. Or a mistake. Anyway, something!
  24. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo Will Write Letters to Bank of America Until He Can No Longer Hold PensAndrew Cuomo is indefatigable!
  25. finance fiction
    Bonus Buster Andrew Cuomo Will Not Be StymiedThe New York attorney general and Bank of America continue to tussle over bonus information.
  26. scenes from a meltdown
    Bank of America Married a Stranger With SecretsNew, suspicious information about Merrill Lynch has Bank of America rifling through its traders’ belongings, looking for clues.
  27. merrill lynch-ing
    Bonus Buster Subpoenas Merrill Lynch ExecutivesAttorney General Andrew Cuomo has wasted no time subpoenaing the Merrill Lynch executives the ‘Journal’ says were paid more than $10 million apiece.
  28. white men with money
    Merrill’s Merry Men Raked In $209 Million in 2008Which, if you think about it, is only a fraction of the $27.6 billion the firm lost … hmmm, no, there’s no good way to look at this.
  29. the greatest depression
    Bonus Buster Andrew Cuomo Goes After Bank of America CEOThe New York attorney general has subpoenaed the BofA CEO about bonuses paid to Merrill Lynch.
  30. the bonus buster
    Merrill’s Decision to Pay Out $3.6 Billion in Bonuses Is ‘Nothing Short of Staggering,’ Says CuomoThe Bonus Buster is LITERALLY freaking out about Merrill Lynch.
  31. white men with rugs
    John Thain Bonusgate, Round ThreeDid the former Merrill Lynch CEO lobby for a $10 million bonus this year or not?
  32. made-off
    Merrill Exec: ‘Look, Even Smart People Were Fooled by Madoff’Former Merrill Lynch exec John ‘Launny’ Steffens lost $35 million to Madoff, but there’s one thing he feels good about.
  33. John Thain’s Phone Date With DenialThe recently released Merrill Lynch CEO had a date with CNBC’s Money Honey today. Verdict: Awkward.
  34. white men with rugs
    John Thain Is the New Villain of Wall StreetThe former Merrill Lynch CEO comes undone.
  35. white men with rugs
    About John Thain’s RugNot the $87,000 one. The other one.
  36. white men with rugs
    John Thain Out at Merrill LynchWill he get to keep the rug?
  37. the greatest depression
    Bank of America Posts Losses, Gets $138 Billion BailoutAnd CEO Ken Lewis may be on the chopping block. Welcome to 2009!
  38. big swinging dickheads
    How Peter Kraus Spent His Hard-Earned Bonus MoneyPeter Kraus, who was awarded $25 million for his three-month stint at Merrill Lynch, bought a fancy new pad.
  39. bonus watch
    Merrill Exec Scores $25 Million for Three Months of WorkSweeeeeeeeeeet.
  40. the greatest depression
    Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain Gives Up on BonusWhat a difference a day makes!
  41. white men with money
    Andrew Cuomo LITERALLY Cannot Believe That John Thain Is Thinking About a BonusThe attorney general writes to Merrill Lynch’s board in his inimitable prose.
  42. white men with money
    Bank of America Trophy Wife John Thain Requests $10 Million in Walking-Around MoneyThe Merrill Lynch CEO has requested a $10 million bonus this year.
  43. vows
    Bank of America and Merrill Lynch Have Secured Marriage License, Are Due to WedBut is their marriage doomed?
  44. Meet Mike KanevskyHe works at Merrill Lynch by day, but puts on party-promoter pants at night.
  45. the greatest depression
    Today Was a Medium Day on Wall StreetAnd in these times, medium equals awesome!
  46. the greatest depression
    Merrill Banker Revolted by Prospect of Working at the McDonald’s of BanksA true tale from Merrill Lynch, soon to be Bank of America.
  47. white women with money
    Slideshow: The Brokenhearted Babes of Wall StreetDid anybody else notice the parade of foxes exiting Lehman and Merrill yesterday? Who knew?
  48. it happened today
    Bloody MondayNo matter what happens next, today was a day that will be remembered.
  49. early and often
    If McCain and Obama Can’t Tap Into the Economy Message Today, They’ll Never Do ItAnd yet, with statements released this morning, both camps are off to a tepid start.
  50. scenes from a meltdown
    Holy Effing Crap: Wall Street in FlamesMetaphorically, of course. A quick guide to the current crisis for people who didn’t pay attention this weekend.
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