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    The Hot New Meme Is Meryl Streep Yelling Song LyricsEven when she’s not winning awards, she’s winning awards shows.
  2. Trump Adviser Condemns Meryl Streep’s Divisive RhetoricStreep is “inciting people’s worst instincts,” Kellyanne Conway said, after the actress disparaged Trump’s impression of a disabled person.
  3. What Did Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep Talk About at Dinner Last Weekend?We have a guess.
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    The One Woman We’d Forgive Barack for Leaving Michelle OverMeryl!
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    Khloe Kardashian Isn’t Pregnant, She’s Just Gaining ‘Love Weight’Hmmm. So are we!
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    Madonna to Get Professional Help for ‘Stringy’ Arm MusclesThank you, God. And more of your Christmas wishes granted, in our daily gossip roundup.
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    Michael Lohan Fake Died, and Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Fake Broke UpThank God for the Internet.
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    Murray and Streep at the Fantastic Mr. Fox PartyA virus.
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    Susan Sarandon Will Not Do the Time Warp AgainAnd more celebrity doings and undoings, in our daily gossip roundup.
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    Mamie Gummer Getting Married, Moving to BrooklynMeryl’s daughter has a big day coming up!
  11. Chris Messina Can Eat 36 Bruschette in a RowWhich is why he gained weight while filming of ‘Julie & Julia.’
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    Sean Avery’s Abs Are ‘Quite Distracting’When they were revealed, everything in the Hamptons ground to a HALT.
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    Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Reunion Proves That Stalking Makes The Heart Grow FonderAlso in today’s questionable celebrity pairings: A-Rod and Kate Hudson are sneaking around, and so are … Miley Cyrus and P. Diddy?
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    Heidi Klum Is More Fun on Top Model Than Tyra BanksShe pole-dances with the contestants on her show!
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    Lindsay Lohan Ate Two Full Meals!Plus, Brad and Angelina are moving to Long Island! And more from your favorite tabloid stalwarts, in today’s gossip roundup.
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    Streep, Brolin, and Hathaway at the NBR AwardsThe nerve of that Oscar-winning actress!
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    Lily van der Woodsen’s Aging Son Is Still Stuck to Her MammariesWhat we mean is, Kelly Rutherford still breast-feeds her walking, talking 2-year-old son. And Cindy goes all Gitmo on Madoff’s ass — love that! In the gossip roundup.
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    Pete Wentz Envelops ‘Real World’ Kids in Warm Emo EmbraceBars in Brooklyn have shunned the cast members, so he lets them shoot at his East Village hangout. Plus, Meryl wants to do a Broadway show and Daniel Day-Lewis annoys. In Monday’s gossip roundup!
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    Cindy Adams Hearts Zac Efron, Whom She’s Never MetAnd that’s only the start of Cindy’s weirdness today. Plus, Kim Kardashian gets very thoughtful about the size of her butt. In the gossip roundup.
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    Meryl Streep’s First Shining Moment: Paying Off Her Student LoansPlus, why Garrison Keillor rewrote his movie ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ so that Streep could perform her role in a wheelchair.
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    Eric Nederlander Just Can’t WinBroadway scion Eric Nederlander is divorcing his second wife just seven weeks after having a daughter with her. Theodora Richards is now vice-president of creative direction at some jeans company. Maxim gave Nas’s new album two and a half stars despite the fact that it’s not even done yet. (They did the same thing to the new Black Crowes record.) Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez flipped out at a midtown bar after a female fan chatted up her boyfriend. Lorne Michaels is in talks with a major Vegas casino to create a live SNL revue starring former popular cast members.
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    Atoosa to Spawn!Rush Limbaugh is catching flak for using the phrase “anal poisoning” in conjunction with John McCain and his potential running mate, Senator Lindsey Graham. Heather Mills will represent herself in divorce court next week. Nicky Hilton couldn’t get into a Fashion Week party at the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar, perhaps because owner Ian Schrager doesn’t like her or her sister. Woody Allen wants Scarlett Johansson to be like Meryl Streep and not go the “‘Page Six’–party route.” Also, he calls her “sexy,” which is gross. Former Seventeen editor Atoosa Rubenstein is expecting a baby in July.
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    Patricia Field Dresses Sarah Jessica Parker Up in Her LoveThough fashion is full of men and their muses —Yves and Loulou, Marc and Sofia, Isabella and Phillip — rarely do female designers cop to having a special lady of their own. But corsage-crazy moppet and noted destroyer of women’s fashion Patricia Field is apparently the exception. “Sarah Jessica Parker has the best body that I have experienced and probably will experience in the future,” she rhapsodizes in today’s Observer. “Because I mean, she’s just got great proportion, great tone, great movement, grace,” she continued. “She’s got long legs, a high ass. She’s miniature, but it’s all perfect.” Yeah, nothing like that hulking Germanic horse Meryl Streep. How Patricia Field ‘Experiences’ Sarah Jessica Parker’s Body [NYO]
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    Halle Is Berry SorryHalle Berry apologized for making an anti-Semitic joke as a guest on the Leno show. (NBC deleted it from the telecast.) Governor Spitzer hung out with his Horace Mann classmates at his 30th reunion. Renée Zellweger chooses to live in New York and Connecticut instead of L.A. because she hates the paparazzi out there. (She and George Clooney also send each other six-page politically charged e-mails.) Jennifer Lopez is refusing to pay a New York limo company $16,000 in fees she owes. The Devil Wears Prada producer Wendy Finerman bought a twelve-room duplex on 84th Street with her banker husband. Jay-Z says he’s not so good at retiring and blames the media for the breakup of most celebrity couples. Meryl Streep walked her puppy on the West Side Highway in sweats and a hat. Soap star Nathaniel Marston of One Life to Live was arrested for assaulting three people on Tenth Avenue in what was evidently a drug-fueled rage.
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    Carrie Has to Remarry for ‘Sex and the City’Sex and the City producers have to reshoot the wedding sequence between Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big at the New York Public Library because they rushed through it the first time. (Also, Kim Cattrall shows up to work last every day.) ABC contacted Cosmo’s hottest New York Bachelor of 2007, Patrick Clark, about staring in The Bachelor. Bonnie Evans, widow of Charles Evans (brother of producer Bob Evans), is putting up her Park Avenue triplex for sale for $30 million. Josh Hartnett claimed that “half–95%” of what is written about him is not true but declined to say whether his hooking up with Rihanna was included in that figure. The Autumn, the play starring Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer, is coming to Broadway. Law & Order: SVU star Richard Belzer spends a lot of time looking for UFOs. Cindy Adams discusses reruns on TV.
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    The Devil Wears Giant FlowersOh, no, she didn’t! While talking about her costume designs for The Devil Wears Prada this past weekend at the New Yorker Festival, Patricia Field committed the ultimate woman-on-woman crime: “No way I was going to apply Anna Wintour’s look to Meryl Streep; it would have been a mess,” she told the audience, then explained why: “Meryl Streep is a German, big-boned, different woman.” Oh, dear. In lady-speak, calling someone big-boned is like calling someone Rubenesque, or curvy, or basically, an outright lardass. Patricia better send Meryl some chocolates — no, flowers! — right away. Redesigning the Crowd [WWD]
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    Thy Neighbor’s Wife, and Thy OwnNan and Gay Talese are at work on his and her memoirs about their allegedly open marriage. Jon Bon Jovi is not pleased an energy drink named Mijovi is selling well near his New Jersey residence. Ted Koppel dropped the asking price for his Potomac, Maryland, residence from $4.1 million to $2.3 million. Hillary Clinton complained about the traffic in the Hamptons during her fund-raising stint out east. Stand-up comic Phil Stellar entertained an audience at the Ziegfeld after a movie projector broke during a showing of Hairspray. Meryl Streep says she was kicked out of Yale Drama School for not working hard enough. Gwyneth Paltrow uses face cream that contains snake venom.
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    Obst (and Everybody Else) Loves Meryl Streep From: Lynda Obst Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 4:10 PM To: David Edelstein Subject: RE: Deaf Jam Dear David, With such a trenchant understanding of why Iwo worked, I’m surprised you didn’t like it more, and particularly surprised you didn’t see that that is exactly why I think Flags was a nonstarter. Seeing a movie based upon the experiences of heroic WWII GIs — a movie that necessarily calls to mind Saving Private Ryan and the attendant celebration at Normandy that brought together the French, President Bush, and Steven Spielberg — not only do I not know what else there is to say, I can’t separate the clichés from the profundities. Also, the acting was much better in Iwo. What is there to say about Meryl that hasn’t been said? Forget Raymond — everybody loves Meryl. The Devil Wears Prada rode on her performance.
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    Bob Dylan Criticizes What He Can’t Understand (At Least Until He Sees It)Bob Dylan claims that upcoming Edie Sedgwick biopic Factory Girl falsely portrays him as the cause of Sedgwick’s suicide, threatens to sue unless he is allowed to see the film before it is released. Chuck Schumer wrote a book. An employee of Wyclef Jean was kidnapped in Haiti and held for ransom; he was released for free. An L.A. Times reporter scored an “exclusive” interview with Martin Scorsese, featuring quotes that are actually two years old. Popular Greenwich Village drinking hole Boxers lost its lease, is shuttering. Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurant partner, Phil Suarez, put on quite the culinary show at an apartment party he threw. Access Hollywood host Billy Bush might be leaving L.A. for the Today show here. Tom Brokaw made an “insensitive” joke about public housing that doesn’t really seem to be that offensive. Uma Thurman was bailed out of a stuck elevator by her buff bodyguard. Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston are officially broken up, according to Jacobs. The high-octane friendship between Paris Hilton and Britney Spears is over, because the latter was told to stay away from the former if she ever wants to make a comeback. Nancy Sinatra celebrated what would have been her father’s 91st birthday at his favorite restaurant, Patsy’s. Peter Boyle’s greatest regret was not taking the role of Popeye Doyle in The French Connection. Mariah Carey is pitching a “lifestyle-type book-cum-pseudo memoir.” Let Meryl Streep eat steak!