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Messin’ With Texas

  1. shmashmortion
    Dramatic Filibuster Beats Texas Anti-Abortion Bill (Eventually)With help from an “unruly mob.” For now.
  2. shmashmortion
    Texas Lawmaker Filibustering Anti-Abortion BillAnd she can’t even lean against her desk. 
  3. messin’ with texas
    Massive Texas Storm Kills Six, Injures Dozens More [Updated]Casualty count expected to rise by morning. 
  4. messin’ with texas
    Congressman Stockman’s Most Trollish Tweets“Obama has no sympathy for unarmed women raped by criminals.”
  5. messin’ with texas
    Rick Perry Thinks Andrew Cuomo Is Jealous of HimOr at least of the Texas economy.
  6. messin’ with texas
    U.N. Offers Non-Denial Denial About Invading Texas“It’s absolutely ridiculous.”
  7. messin’ with texas
    Texas GOP Leader Not Sure Jew Can Really Be a Good House SpeakerBut he’s not a bigot.