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  1. Looks Like the NSA Gets to Spy on Americans for a Little Bit LongerA court has allowed the NSA to collect metadata during a six-month grace period until the USA Freedom Act goes into full effect.
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    Will Today’s Court Ruling Kill NSA Phone Surveillance for Good? It may turn out to be a landmark court decision for a number of reasons. Plus, consider it a victory for Edward Snowden.
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    Obama to Adjust How the Government Goes Through Your Phone DataThe president will announce a few new ideas at 11 a.m.
  4. Different Federal Judge Rules That NSA Metadata Collection Program Is FineWhy does he think that?
  5. Bush-Appointed Judge Rules That NSA Metadata Program Is the WorstMeaning, unconstitutional and useless. 
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    Metadata Can Be More Revealing Than Your Actual ConversationsFormer NSA analyst William Binney explains how his old colleagues might know everything about your health, your politics, and your sex life.