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  1. metaphors
    Uncle Sam Went to Donald Trump’s Office and Messed Up His HairUncle Sam is a 27-year-old bald eagle. 
  2. bye bye boehner
    The Dirty Barn That Is Congress Is No Longer Full of You Know What, Boehner SaysHe also leaves the Freedom Caucus with a final eye roll. 
  3. jeb!
    Jeb Bush’s ‘Death Spiral’ Has Donors and Strategists Feeling MorbidThere’s talk of hospice care.
  4. metaphors
    New York Times Delivery Truck Should Have Taken BuyoutAll the news that’s fit to spill.
  5. metaphors
    Donald Trump’s Bronx Golf Course Is Alarmingly GassyMethane meets money.
  6. metaphors
    Akin’s Wife Compares GOP Treatment to RapeOr maybe just the threat of rape? It’s hard to tell.
  7. bons mots
    BofA CEO: Banking After the Mortage Crisis Is Like Fighting in a War Before Weapons“It’s a day-to-day, hand-to-hand combat.”
  8. yeah its just like that
    Warren Buffett: Wall Street Is Doing God’s WorkExcept for on the weekends.
  9. puppies!!!!!!
    White House Dog Barney Copes, BitesWell, how would YOU deal with getting kicked out of your house?