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Metro North Derailment

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    Engineer in Metro-North Derailment Has a Sleep DisorderHe was “dazed” before the accident.
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    After Metro-North Derailment, Senators Push Overdue Safety UpgradesSpecifically, putting cameras on trains.
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    Snoozing Metro-North Engineer May Have a Sleep DisorderWilliam Rockefeller might suffer from sleep apnea.
  4. The Federal Government Is Pissed at the MTAIt reprimanded New York’s state transportation agency in a letter today.
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    Motorman in Deadly Metro-North Derailment Was Reportedly SleepingHe woke up and slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. 
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    Bill de Blasio Says He Would Have Gone to Scene of Metro-North Accident Easy to say when you don’t have regular access to a golf course in Bermuda.
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    The Derailed Train Was Going 82 MPH Prior to WreckThat’s 50 over the speed limit.
  8. Governor Cuomo Interviewed by His Brother, the Only Person Who Works at CNNIsn’t this a conflict of interest?