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  1. metro-north
    Fire Under Metro-North Tracks in Harlem Causes Major Commuter HeadachesLimited service has since been restored.
  2. accidents
    Details of Deadly Metro-North Crash Emerge The accident was the deadliest in the commuter rail’s history.
  3. accidents
    6 Dead After Metro-North Train Collides With SUVIt’s the deadliest crash in the railroad’s already-troubled history.
  4. blizzard of 2015
    What You Need to Know About Transportation (or Lack Thereof) During the BlizzardNew York City’s streets will be closed to non-emergency vehicles starting at 11 p.m.
  5. scary things
    Man on Fire Found on Top of Metro-North TrainHe survived.
  6. transportation
    Lost Sheep Takes a Stroll on Metro-North TracksAnd narrowly avoids becoming this year’s subway kittens.
  7. local heroes
    Metro-North Hero Devours Chips From Train FloorMmmmmm, chips.
  8. stupid things
    Metro-North Delayed by Box Painted Like Bender It could have been a bomb!
  9. transportation
    Train Nearly Takes Out Senator During Safety Press Conference Accidents aren’t always the train’s fault.
  10. puppies!!!!!!
    Dog Ran Alongside Train From Bronx to ManhattanBecause the engineer is a dog person. 
  11. metro-north derailment
    Engineer in Metro-North Derailment Has a Sleep DisorderHe was “dazed” before the accident.
  12. sad things
    Two People Killed by New York TrainsIn separate Sunday morning accidents.
  13. accidents
    Metro-North Worker Killed by Train in East HarlemThe railroad’s bad year keeps getting worse.
  14. great apologies
    Train Conductor Writes Apology LetterSometimes they really are sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. transportation
    Last Night’s Metro-North Outage Caused by ‘Human Error,’ Stray WireForehead slap.
  16. transportation
    Computer Glitch Leaves Metro-North at a StandstillFilling Grand Central with stranded commuters.
  17. resignations
    Metro-North President Quits After Terrible YearA year worth quitting over.
  18. labor pains
    Metro-North Workers Made Cigarette and Firework Runs on the ClockNice work if you can get it.
  19. metro-north
    Speeding, Snoozing Metro-North Motorman Probably Won’t Face ChargesSleeping while driving a train is not a crime.
  20. stand clear of the derailed train
    Metro-North Repair Job Was a Little Too Speedy for Some Board MembersWait, the safety upgrade was that easy?
  21. plain trains and automobiles
    The Feds Are Going to Look Very Closely at Metro-North’s ‘Safety Culture’The first probe of its kind on a passenger railroad.
  22. The Federal Government Is Pissed at the MTAIt reprimanded New York’s state transportation agency in a letter today.
  23. bill de blasio’s new york
    Bill de Blasio Says He Would Have Gone to Scene of Metro-North Accident Easy to say when you don’t have regular access to a golf course in Bermuda.
  24. accidents
    The Derailed Train Was Going 82 MPH Prior to WreckThat’s 50 over the speed limit.
  25. Governor Cuomo Interviewed by His Brother, the Only Person Who Works at CNNIsn’t this a conflict of interest?
  26. sad scary things
    Victims Identified As MTA Begins Cleanup After Metro-North CrashMayor Bloomberg visits the injured in the hospital.
  27. accidents
    4 Killed in Metro-North Train Derailment [Updated]And dozens are reported injured.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    Woman Survives Getting Pushed in Front of Metro North TrainAfter she denied a panhandler.
  29. stand clear of the closing doors
    Metro-North Workers Paid Overtime While Doing No Work for DaysIt’s almost impressive.
  30. stand clear of the derailed train
    Metro North Is Screwed Again After a Trash-Train DerailmentFriday’s commute will suffer as both directions are closed.
  31. stand clear of the derailed train
    Metro-North, Amtrak Restoring Service, Order to World by WednesdayRiders have not embraced change.
  32. stand clear of the derailed train
    Here’s How to Navigate Your Connecticut Commute TomorrowWhile crews rebuild 2,000 feet of track caused by Friday’s derailed train.
  33. stand clear of the derailed train
    Dozens Injured in Connecticut Train Crash; Northeast Service Suspended [Updated]Metro-North and Amtrak might not be running until the beginning of next week.
  34. billboard wars
    Middle East Conflict Rages on Metro-North BillboardsThis seems useful and productive.
  35. man vs. nature
    Greenwich Was Powerless in the Face of a Single TreeA black locust felled by Sunday’s storm left the entire Connecticut suburb without electricity for hours.
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    Bratty Metro-North Operators Just Want to Multitask in PeaceThey’re reportedly covering their windows after a passenger complained.
  37. ink-stained wretches
    Metro-North Operator Not Stressing, Reads NewspaperAn unhappy customer caught him on video.
  38. smokin’!
    Joe Namath, Real Housewife Pushing LIRR/Metro-North Smoking BanNot all A-listers, exactly.
  39. rock you like a hurricane
    The MTA Comes Crawling Back [Updated]It will take a while for the MTA to get back to its usual just-barely-functioning self.
  40. stand clear of the closing doors
    Well-Educated Person Wrongly Accused of Being Loud on TrainGet ready to throw up.
  41. transit
    Bridge Fire Suspends Train Traffic in and Out of Grand CentralNo train service after a fire on the 138th Street Bridge.
  42. complaint box
    Boozing Metro-North Bar-Car Customers Don’t Want Your Stinking SeatsHow are Metro-North riders supposed to party with all those pesky seats?
  43. boozing
    Metro-North ‘Bar Cars’ Could Become Thing of the PastConnecticut commuters are not thrilled.
  44. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Planning High-Speed Internet on Medium-Speed Metro-North and LIRR TrainsKnowing the MTA, it probably won’t happen.
  45. photo op
    Swimmer Stranded* Yes, the blackout yesterday sucked. But it could have been worse: You could have been trying to get home to Westchester. *Yes, yes. This used to be headlined “Rabbit Stranded.” It was early and we were tired and we mixed up our Updike and our Cheever. Sorry.
  46. the morning line
    The Best of Times Is Now • Mayor Bloomberg is seeking to boost his proposed property-tax cut to as much as 8.5 percent, says the Post. The goal is to roll back a bit of 2003’s infamous 18.5 percent hike, something the City Hall promised to do “in better times.” [NYP] • Ad firm Saatchi & Saatchi got the $16 million account to overhaul the 30-year-old “I Love New York” campaign. (Spitzer says, a bit haughtily, that he won’t appear in the ads.) Let’s hope they do better than Saatchi’s recent Kurt Cobain fiasco. [Crain’s NY] • Mistaking her for an intruder, a New Haven cop opened fire on his own daughter, who was sneaking into the house after a late date. The girl, 18, has a bullet in her thigh. [NYDN] • Railway boozers, rejoice! The proposal to curb the oh-so-European practice of selling alcohol on Metro-North is pretty much kaput in the face of a commuter outcry. [NYT] • That outcry, however? Could have been just drunken babbling. Almost a thousand LIRR and Metro-North passengers got so trashed on the trains last year they needed medical attention; some 287 were ticketed for booze-fueled shenanigans. [Newsday]
  47. developing
    What Does a $91 Million Train Station Look Like? Because there’s news today that the new Metro-North station to be built at Yankee Stadium, set to open in spring 2009, will cost $91 million, twice its initial price tag, with the city kicking in some $39 million, and because we also like showing you renderings of construction projects under way throughout our fair city, we herewith present a sketch of the new station — that bridge on the right heads east from the station, above East 153rd Street, and lets fans off behind home plate of the current stadium, which will still leave them more than a few blocks from the new stadium — provided by the MTA. For what the thing costs, we hope the real one’s at least in color. —Alec Appelbaum Next Stop: Yanks [Metro NY]
  48. the morning line
    No Justice, No Peace, as They Say • Several hundreds of people took over Wall Street to protest the police’s killing of Sean Bell and what they see as the NYPD’s failure to punish the guilty. They were met with almost as many police officers, some undercover; for a march that called for a “war on the NYPD,” the protest went without an incident. [amNY] • The State Liquor Authority is cracking down on all-night New Year’s Eve parties, nixing dozens of bars’ requests to stay open late on December 31. (The permit is usually easily granted.) [NYP] • In a similar crypto-Prohibitionist vein, the proposed alcohol ban on Metro-North and LIRR is about to deny suburban commuters one of their few remaining joys in life. Or is it? Meet Commuters Aligned for Responsible Enjoyment, or CARE, a quickly assembled opposition group. Vive la Resistance! [NYDN] • It’s a bit unexpected after all those mayoral pronouncements about the coming population boom, but NYC’s birth rate is way down, at a 25-year low, in fact. Officials call it a quality-of-life achievement, however, since the most rapidly declining subset is teenage births. [NYS] • And the Times tut-tuts the “phantasmagoric, Disney-esque experience” sweeping the suburbs: giant inflatable lawn figures causing an “intramural disagreement among the Christmas crazed.” [NYT]
  49. in other news
    Take the 8:15 Into the City, or Out of It Score another defeat for John Cheever. The world immortalized in his classic short story “The Five Forty-Eight” — about an emotionally distant adman who lives in the fictional Westchester suburb of Shady Hill — has long gone the way of the three-martini lunch. But now it seems even the very idea of the Westchester commuter could be disappearing, too: For the first time in the 23-year history of Metro-North, less than half its riders are commuters from the suburbs into Manhattan, according to a report in today’s Times — 49.3 percent, to be exact, down from 65.3 percent of riders in 1984.