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  1. tremendous content
    Attention-Hungry Michael Cohen Mulls Absurd Run for CongressWhich Trump foe will Democrats vote for: Jerry Nadler, ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, or the felonious former “fixer”?
  2. exhibit a
    Michael Cohen Is Already Undermining the Trump ProsecutionImmediately after the indictment, he says he didn’t really mean his guilty plea. Good luck on the witness stand.
  3. exhibit a
    How Michael Cohen’s Big Mouth Could Be Derailing the Trump ProsecutionCohen wants to put Trump in prison — but he keeps saying things on TV that undermine his value as a key witness.
  4. early and often
    Alvin Bragg Threatened as Trump Warns of ‘Death and Destruction’The Manhattan DA received a death threat in the mail on the same day Donald Trump predicted “death and destruction” if he’s arrested.
  5. early and often
    Trump Lawyer’s Messages With Stormy Daniels Go to Manhattan DAJoe Tacopina exchanged messages with the porn star when she was seeking out a lawyer in 2018, which could be a potential conflict in a future trial.
  6. early and often
    Trump’s Team Launches a Preemptive Strike on Michael CohenThe fixer’s former attorney Robert Costello will testify in the hush-money probe and is expected to attack Cohen’s credibility.
  7. early and often
    Trump Hush-Money Investigation Gets a Surprise Cameo From Stormy DanielsThe adult-film star spoke to Manhattan prosecutors investigating hush-money payments made to Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.
  8. politics
    Michael Cohen Heads Back for More Testimony About Trump Hush MoneyA Manhattan grand jury is currently hearing evidence related to its probe into the payments made to silence Stormy Daniels.
  9. just asking questions
    Michael Cohen on How ‘Monster’ Trump Will Undermine BidenThe onetime fixer, now out of prison, breaks down his ex-boss’s postelection tantrum.
  10. vision 2020
    Trump Disrespects His Religious Followers, Former Aides SayConservative Evangelical leaders may cynically accept a transactional relationship with a heathenish president, but in the pews they still believe.
  11. president trump
    Everything We Learned From Michael Cohen’s BookTrump’s former fixer details new allegations of racism and says he helped ensure Jerry Falwell Jr.’s endorsement by burying “personal” photos.
  12. the national interest
    Judge: Justice Department Imprisoned Michael Cohen for Flipping on TrumpThe Trump criminal associates who stayed loyal got very different treatment.
  13. politics
    ACLU: Trump Admin Imprisoned Michael Cohen ‘for Writing a Book’Cohen was taken back into custody, after being sent home to finish his sentence, “in retaliation” for his book, the ACLU says in a lawsuit.
  14. politics
    Trump Campaign Crooks: Where Are They Now?Checking in with Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone on the day of Michael Cohen’s release to home confinement.
  15. the national interest
    The White House’s Godfather FantasyIf the Trumps are the Corleones, that makes us the marks.
  16. donald trump
    All the Weird New Details About Trump’s Infamous Escalator RideFour years later, Trump’s campaign launch sounds even stranger. But at least Michael Cohen’s call for elephants and bikini-clad women was scrapped.
  17. the national interest
    Just This Week, Trump Has Already Committed 5 More Impeachable ActsAnd it’s only Tuesday.
  18. jerry falwell jr.
    Michael Cohen Says He Helped Jerry Falwell Jr. Bury Racy Photos in 2015: ReportThe Evangelical leader reportedly reached out to Trump’s former fixer to handle photos meant to be kept “between husband and wife.”
  19. mueller time
    11 Areas of Obstruction of Justice Mueller InvestigatedMueller’s findings of fact about Trump’s behavior hardly seem “exonerating” at all.
  20. mueller time
    Five Reasons Why Republicans Won’t Abandon Trump Like They Ditched NixonNixon had weaker intraparty support than Trump, who will benefit from likely polarization over the Mueller report.
  21. vision 2020
    Republican Dissident Considers Running Against Trump As a LibertarianThere aren’t many anti-Trump Republicans — or genuine tea-party libertarians — left in the GOP. And one of the survivors may soon defect.
  22. mueller time
    The Trump Investigations Are Far From OverTrump faces multiple legal and political threats even if the Mueller investigation ends with no immediate consequences for him.
  23. the national interest
    Michael Cohen Has Email Showing Trump Obstructed Justice by Dangling PardonEven Trump’s attorney general admitted that would be a crime.
  24. just asking questions
    A Former Fox News Editor on What The New Yorker’s Big Exposé MissedKen LaCorte says his decision not to publish a story about Stormy Daniels’s affair with Trump had nothing to do with partisanship.
  25. donald trump
    Report: How Trump Managed to Bury His High School TranscriptBy getting other alumni to apply the pressure, Trump reportedly convinced his high school to dig up his records and bury them somewhere else.
  26. the national circus
    Are Foreign Countries Benefiting From Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance?The revelation that Trump ordered clearance for his son-in-law raises questions about what interests Kushner is really looking out for.
  27. russia investigation
    House Seeks Interviews With Trump’s Inner Circle in Wake of Cohen TestimonyIt looks like Cohen’s testimony was just the beginning, as House committees are now looking to speak with Ivanka, Don Jr., and others close to Trump.
  28. racism
    Rashida Tlaib Said Mark Meadows’s Behavior Was Racist. She Didn’t Go Far Enough.Meadows is clearly not a credible arbiter of what is or is not racist, but when he took offense, colleagues felt compelled to coddle and reassure him.
  29. michael cohen
    What We Learned From Michael Cohen’s TestimonyA rundown of yesterday’s bombshells and edifying tidbits.
  30. michael cohen testimony
    Republican Outraged When Congresswoman Calls His Trump Defense RacistAt Michael Cohen’s hearing, Mark Meadows and Rashida Tlaib argued over whether his effort to show Trump isn’t racist was “racist in itself.”
  31. politics
    No One Was As Tough on Michael Cohen As the Freshmen CongresswomenThe freshmen Democrats put Cohen through the wringer.
  32. politics
    The Wildest Moments From Michael Cohen’s TestimonyFrom Trump allegedly using $60,000 in charitable funds for a portrait of himself to threats to keep Trump’s SAT scores private.
  33. satire
    Exclusive: All 10 of Michael Cohen’s Secret Book DealsCohen’s upcoming titles include If I Did It: Confessions of a Prague Visitor and I Know Why the Caged Fixer Sings.
  34. power
    Stormy Daniels Thanks Michael Cohen for ‘Telling the Truth About What He Did’But she’s not letting him forget that he put her through hell.
  35. The Most Petty Moments During Michael Cohen’s TestimonyAll the angry Republican reactions one could ever ask for!
  36. politics
    JFC People Found a Way to Be Horny for Michael Cohen“I do think he looks like someone who would appear on exactly one episode of Sex and the City.”
  37. politics
    A Glossary of References in Michael Cohen’s Congressional TestimonyA primer for those who feel lost.
  38. michael cohen
    Hey, Did You Know Michael Cohen Has an Accent?The native Long Islander has a lot to say to the House Oversight Committee — and people have a lot of opinions about the way he’s saying it.
  39. michael cohen
    Republican to Cohen: If Trump Is Racist, Why Did He Employ This Black Woman?Cohen claimed Trump was a racist. Mark Meadows proved him wrong — by revealing that the president once let a dark-skinned woman work for him.
  40. politics
    Michael Cohen Forced to Answer for His Fake Thirsty Twitter AccountHe addressed @WomenForCohen during his Congressional testimony.
  41. michael cohen
    Highlights From Michael Cohen’s Opening Statement Ahead of His House TestimonyCohen claims that the campaign was in direct contact with WikiLeaks, and Trump knew about it.
  42. michael cohen
    Everything You Need to Know About Michael Cohen’s Blockbuster House TestimonyTrump’s former lawyer plans to accuse him of committing crimes and being a lying racist.
  43. the national interest
    Michael Cohen’s Testimony Is the First Hearing in President Trump’s ImpeachmentCohen has provided the final link in the chain of conspiracy between Trump and Russia.
  44. power
    The Funniest Part of Michael Cohen’s Testimony Is This Don Jr. StoryHis testimony about the president’s son was particularly harsh.
  45. michael cohen
    GOP Congressman Threatens Michael Cohen on Twitter, Then ApologizesAfter Matt Gaetz’s tweet about Cohen’s extramarital affairs sparked talk of witness tampering, he deleted it and claimed it wasn’t meant as a threat.
  46. michael cohen
    Every Embarrassing Story Michael Cohen Tried to SquashWe already know about several scandals that Trump’s “fixer” tried to cover up by offering deals, filing lawsuits, and making threats.
  47. russia investigation
    Federal Prosecutors Subpoena Trump Inaugural CommitteeProsecutors from N.Y.’s Southern District are probing seven potential crimes, including conspiracy against the U.S., wire fraud, and money laundering.
  48. russia investigation
    What We Know About BuzzFeed’s Michael Cohen Scoop, and Why Mueller Shot It DownIt seems likely that the controversy stems from a dispute between BuzzFeed’s sources and Mueller’s office, not simple journalistic error.
  49. russia investigation
    Giuliani: Trump’s Moscow Tower Planning May Have Continued Through the ElectionTrump’s lawyer has now tried to take back his comments, which also indicated that Trump may have talked to Cohen before his Congressional testimony.
  50. michael cohen
    CNBC Left Trump Off 2014 List of Top Businessmen, So Cohen Threatened to SueA story that perfectly illustrates Trump’s ego and Cohen’s eagerness to satisfy him.
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