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Michael Slager

  1. Horrific Video Shows Police Killing of Unarmed Man in ArizonaThe man who pulled the trigger was acquitted on Thursday.
  2. Judge Declares Mistrial in the Case of Officer Who Shot Walter Scott in the BackThe jury could not agree on murder or manslaughter charges.
  3. Lone Juror Unwilling to Convict in Walter Scott Shooting CaseMichael Slager shot Walter Scott in the back, on tape. But one juror in South Carolina doesn’t believe that the former cop is guilty of anything.
  4. police brutality
    South Carolina Cop Who Fatally Shot Walter Scott Freed on BailMichael Slager will remain under house arrest.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Cop Recorded Laughing About Adrenaline Rush After Walter Scott ShootingIn audio captured by his dash cam.